How to Make A Monogram Logo

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Monographic depiction is one of the most beautiful and exquisite types of logos. But what is it? There are but a few who can tell monographic logo from other types. That’s why we begin with some basic description. Monogram logo is a complicated sign, endowed with some quaint letters interlacing. The idea belongs to that medieval or even ancient blazonry. They used to depict initials in an enigmatic manner. Many companies are enjoying that designing move nowadays. It is not necessary to make monogram extremely ornate or rich in details, adding tons of ringlets. It’s better be apt, rather than having lots of useless details. Today, we’ll tell you how to make a trendy monogram logo.

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Plausible monogram logo design examples

To clarify the details we suggest recalling some medieval emblems, family crests or armorial bearings. Those are what led to the new trend inspiration. Kings and emperors used to adorn medals and other awards with monographic symbols. A good example here is The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire order of chivalry. VRI letters were interlaced in there, standing for “Victoria Regina Imperatrix”.

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That designer move is getting common in fashion industry. And it’s quite consistent, as most of such companies are named after their founders. Their initials suit monograms best. The most famous examples are Channel, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. The latter’s logo is probably the best example of how to make a monogram. You can’t just confuse this elegant, beautiful and clear sign with something else, can you?

Famous monogram

Other examples look much more utility or even ordinary. Such companies as Procter & Gamble, Hewlett Packard and H&M possess those. As you can see, sometimes, aptness is just dull. Such logos are well-known only because of goods they are placed on. And it’s not anti-marketing, it’s just outdated design. How can a monogram be improved? Take a look at GAP, IBM or Warner Brothers. But minor changes have improved overall design, and it is really easy to adopt. Aptness is awesome, but in can lead to meaningless simplifications.

How to create an excellent monogram for your company?

A good monogram is actually a masterpiece in its own rights. That’s why monogram designing is an arduous task to complete. If feel it’s not yours cup of tea, you’d better use a free online monogram creator. The result will cause joy to you and your customers. A well-crafted depiction makes your image unique, as it reflects your values.

Monogram logo ideas

And it’s the first thing to focus on. CNN logo is a fine example here. It is both simple and elegant, which surely matches company’s spirit. And it’s easy to read too!


Keep in mind that you are not obliged to design a monogram. Do it only if it’s appropriate. Just when are you supposed to create a monogram? Well, just when you need to stress a name of company by making it part of a logo. They often use a shortened version of a name due to lack of space in a logo. That means that you should make up a shorter name. It takes three letters at most to make a worthy monogram. Should you take more; the design is doomed.

The first rule of effective monogram is simplicity. So, get over yourself and design an  abbreviation. And be ready to think again if it gets too long. It would be hard for your customers to memorize a name comprised of 5 words, so feel free abbreviate and shorten longer names.

How to choose a proper design for a monogram?

90% of success rests with a felicitous font. And minimalism is harmful here actually. GAP had done that mistake recently, trading an elegant font for simplified one. Simplification doesn’t mean dulling!

GAP logo

A proper font defines most designing moves in your logo. For example, notches and ringlets in a font suggest vintage or retro style. And that move can stress origins of your company. You can even make people think that your company is rather old and reliable.

Monogram logo

Use some brand new and extraordinary types. Make letters more abstract, shorten or elongate them. All of the above leads to a unique monographic design. You can simply erase part of a letter, following Roger Federer’s example. He has placed his initials in a logo, and then simply erased part of both letters. However, the meaning is still clear. The point is to know when to stop. Don’t turn your logo into lines medley.

Monogram generator usage

It’s hard to design a plausible monogram logo, possessing no designing skills and experience. That’s why it is more convenient to create a monogram free online. That surely would result in something worthy.

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