Snapchat Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

Snapchat logo cover

Contemporary world changes rapidly. Many people have just understood what the internet is. They have just learned to use it. And now all the foundations are changing again. The entrepreneurs invest every spare coin into social networks. People got used to their photo galleries and rereading summaries about their oh-so-important lifetime at nights. And then a snapchat application shows up and ruins it all. It is of no surprise that people, especially those in their 20s, tend to hate it. We’ll try to explain today what you need a snapchat for. And we’ll also tell you a thing or two about its image and logo. By the way, if you want to download the brand, you’d better choose a vector format. Such images are much more convenient to use.

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Snapchat logo history

The logo history started in 2011. So, as we may perceive, there is a tiny ghost in the logo. It is literally a white sheet on a yellow background. But before we can to understanding of snapchat logo, we are bound to find out the meaning of the program.

Snapchat old logo

It is just a weird social network when you first see it. The thing is that any content exists only a few hours before being deleted. Who might need a profile which doesn’t keep your photos? But if you think of it in terms of security, it would make sense. And if the photo is deleted in a few hours, you can post just about anything and having no consequences on top of that. That is not the case however. First of all, the photos are still kept by a server. What’s more, any user could make a screen shot.

Some say that the logo reveals ephemerality of everything that is important today and of all those investments too. And the project is very expensive. Google Corporation was ready to purchase it for 4 million dollars. As teenagers say however, it’s not about it.

Snapchat logo meaning & secret

Snapchat symbol

So, why was the application that popular? We are revealing the mystery now. As it turned out, it’s about teenagers, who are quick to adapt to new tendencies. The ghost in a logo is a mockery of adults who try to be trendy. Snapchat pisses everyone off and that what makes it special. It is designed to transfer immediate thoughts and emotions of no particular value, just like twitter. Traces of your existence become transparent resembling the ghost in the logo!

Snapchat logo evolution

Snapchat logo history

The company attempted a rebranding in 2018. And it hasn’t caused anything but cold acknowledgment. And this is strange as the logo hasn’t been changed. It still is the white ghost on the same yellow background and nothing more. Only a black outlining has become significantly thicker. And that is the only alteration!

Snapchat icon

However, the simpler the design is, the sharper the details are to be. Such trivial aren’t noticeable in a big picture with lots of details. And in the case with the tiny ghost logo all the users said that the previous one was better. A thick outlining made the ghost crude and aggressive. Some people have even deleted the application because of that. So, sometimes a high quality logo is actually crucial for a business. Rebranding is to be carefully planned with every single part scrutinized to the core. Well, the story surely teaches us a few lessons, doesn’t it?

What is the Snapchat logo?

The Snapchat logo has a simple square shape, it stands out of a yellow square, which depicts the silhouette of a white ghost.

Why is the Snapchat logo a ghost?

Why is it a ghost?! The creator of the logo, Evan Thomas Spiegel, said that the ghost is not a symbol of constancy. It is in this application that Fickle photos that you can see for a while before they disappear.

What is the Snapchat logo supposed to be?

The Snapchat logo always has a white ghost on a yellow background. But the shades of yellow have changed over the years. Initially, the background used three-dimensional dimming and yellow highlighting. The second option was a gradient but-yellow, with gaps on top. And the final version became a solid yellow shade.

How to make your own logo on Snapchat?

To create our own logo in Snapchat, we will need the Lens Studio application. And there are also a few more requirements :
– Operating System: Windows 10
– Hardware : vminimum Intel Core i3 2.5 Ghz
– Screen resolution: 1280×768
– The latest drivers are installed 
– Minimum free memory is 1.3 GB of free memory. 
– After installing the app, follow the clear instructions in the app. Yes, the process is not simple, but interesting and worth it.

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