How to make a logo using AI in 2024?


A logo is one of the essential elements of a brand, served to identify a company, brand, website, etc. It is a visual representation of a business helping the audience remember the brand and distinguish it from competitors.

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A distinctive logo usually consists of two main design elements – text and a graphic symbol. Both need to be elaborate and yet harmonize.

Previously, company owners turned to professional designer to create a logo. In the era of neural networks, artificial intelligence effectively represents a lucrative alternative. Users nowadays can generate thousands of images and get ideas for graphic design with just a few clicks. In such multifunctional online services, a logo generator with AI algorithms holds a special place.

What are AI Generators?

AI Generators

Services and programs based on artificial intelligence provide users with many creative ideas and logo templates for their brands. Using this way will make it easier for you to create your logo without design skills.

Neural networks devised for creating logos are available free and paid. Some of them allow users to create completely ready-to-use logos for your project. Others generate “raw”, basic logo layouts, which require you to further customize them.

How do AI logo generator work?

AI Generators work

Online logo generators operating based on neural networks use machine learning algorithms to create unique brand marks. Such tools involve analyzing large volumes of design data, and creating aesthetically pleasing images, beautiful designs and templates.

Using such a logo generator, the user uploads information about his brand or company into the program (business name, slogan, target audience, direction of work, design preferences, etc.). Based on this data, the system generates a logo adapted to a specific brand’s identity.

Generated outcomes come in different styles, logo color combinations and codes. The user has the opportunity to modify the design and custom logo templates – choose suitable colors and icons, and change logo fonts.

Why should you choose a neural network for your logo?

designer or ai

Creating unique branding using AI is a faster and cost-effective alternative than outsourcing the same task to a graphic designer. Automating the logo design process allows users to save money on their logo. There is no longer any need to waste time waiting for a professional designer to complete the work on creating a logo.

Both companies and individuals tend to generate AI logo design. Large organizations are still more likely to apply for the services of specialists.

The use of logo makers with artificial intelligence is an appropriate option for small businesses, entrepreneurs and everyone else with a limited budget who seeks logo inspirations.

AI-generated graphical design elements are actively implemented in various commercial projects, especially in startups. Individuals develop logo designs for their profiles on social networks, YouTube channels, and personal blogs.

A large number of customization options allows you to tailor the logo design to the requirements for specific needs. By experimenting with different elements, you can create different logo color combinations and find new ideas for business identity design.

The process of generating logos takes a matter of seconds, so when using such online services, users have the opportunity to almost instantly get the desired result and begin utilizing the new logo for promotion.

Best AI Logo Generators

Best AI Logo Generators

The most popular among users are the following AI logo makers developed for online use:



By using this online logo maker, you can create a professional logo for your company in just a couple of minutes. To do this, enter the name and field of activity in a special site form.

You can also specify a slogan (optional). After that, click on the “Continue” button and get ready-made logo options. Brand names created using the Turbologo online service are used by more than 50,000 organizations from around the world. This site has a wide collection of templates, graphics and logo fonts, allowing users to get a high-quality logo instantly. Utilizing all the tools is completely free.



This online editor has a multi-language interface that makes it easier to use. After the user has sequentially selected several preferences, artificial intelligence generates several options for him from which he can choose something suitable. Users can export logo design files in various formats and then print them.



On the website, the user selects a brand by category. After this, the AI decides on its own which fonts, icons and other visual elements are suitable for the logo of the selected topic. The user only needs to indicate the company name, select the appropriate font style, shapes and decide on the color palette. Generated outcomes are permitted to edit to attain a perfect design.



Probably the most popular media artificial intelligence has the logo maker able to generate logo designs in different styles with the function to edit them later. The registration site requires a social network account, Discord is best. Midjourney’s advanced intelligence feature is the creation of images of the highest quality. The results obtained can hardly be distinguished from real photos and are perfectly fit for marketing materials.



Another AI logo maker makes it possible to generate up to eight logos in a realistic or artistic style (Photos and Art modes) based on a text request. To develop a logo, you can use the website of this service or its mobile application. The logo generator offers the creation of logos based on ready-made logo fit and projects on the site, which the service subsequently relies on.



This neural network allows you to quickly create a perfect logo. It is capable of generating texts and pictures through a prompt entered by the user. Just indicate the business name, slogan if there is one, keywords and favorite colors. This artificial intelligence logo generator was originally produced as a mobile application. Currently, the web version lets users easily edit logo layouts and pay only for download.


looka logo maker

This AI logo generator appeared at the end of 2016 as a program that allows entrepreneurs to get a unique logo for their needs at the lowest price on the market.

The service is an artificial intelligence that can create and offer several types of logos to the client in a matter of minutes. Creating a corporate logo takes place in several stages, which include your preferred colors, suitable style and font for future symbols. Rates depend on the range of logo data.



Designs.AI is AI powered logo maker based on a ready-made database that contains more than 10,000 logo variations. With logo files and specified parameters of your business, you create a logo and edit logo designs in real-time.

To get an AI logo, just enter your company name, select a business category, and the artificial intelligence will generate several logo options for you. You can choose the font, letter color and background color.

It’s worth noting one nuance right away: with the vast range of third-party capabilities in the neural network, the logos created here turn out to be quite trivial yet free.


By handling the logo generators listed above, you can produce beautiful designs for unique brand identity within minutes, without resorting to the services of a graphic designer. Since recently, the development degree of these services has advanced, so now users can generate almost endless design possibilities for graphic products.

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