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30 years ago, most people haven’t even heard of personal computers, but today a new generation has grown up for whom an utterance “I grew up without PC” would mean “I drove a wagon in times of first settlers”. We cannot imagine our life without the internet and computer technology, and each of us remembers popular computer brands. It is the original computer logos that we are going to talk about today.

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To begin with, computer companies logos have no standard. By contrast to maintenance agencies, which often prefer stylized depictions of wrenches, screwdrivers, and gears, large manufacturing brands are far more authentic when it comes to computer logo design.

Apple logo history

The brightest example here is, of course, Apple company, or as Forrest Gump once said, “some kind of fruit company”. However, there are other manufacturing companies, except for Apple, with far-from-ordinary thinking.

Digital animals

At first glance, a bird isn’t the most suitable logo for a computer. And it doesn’t seem to set a development vector either. Nevertheless, Doel company doesn’t think so, as it has encoded a tiny bird inside of the letter ”O”. It is all thanks to the company’s origins, which are rooted in Bangladesh, where this tiny robin is a national symbol and is often used on numerous national wares.

Doel logo design

However, in some cases, a bird has a far more simple meaning. In Falcon Northwest computer logo the meaning is clear and obvious – these computers are as fast and powerful as a Falcon. And the founder of the company is a former pilot, as the logo suggests.

Falcon northwest logo design

Also, speed and power are symbolized by Digital Storm company logo. The name clearly expresses the gist, and then it merges together with the logo and the meaning becomes even clearer with no questions to be asked. Such logo works best, as it convinces buyers of the necessity of purchasing this very brand, provided it desires really powerful hardware.

Digital storm logo

The predator topic, a desire to show who’s boss on the market, is one of the brightest computer logo ideas. All this danger, aggression, the confidence of rivals being torn apart by them, flashes down from the Razer Inc. logo. Their business strategy is rather confident. An extremely dangerous, acid, host of three snakes makes a customer feel that he too will become though and dangerous, as soon as he purchases Razer Inc. device! It is an excellent designer move.

Razer logo design

However, not all logos are aggressive and rapacious. Many manufacturers believe that it is better to appeal to eternal values. Let’s take LG giant as an example.

Life is Good

LG logo

The company’s motto is “Life is Good”, and it is encoded in its logo. We can almost see a smile, a symbol of peace. A good life, that’s what the company drives us towards, promising us to reach it with the help of its goods. An excellent message indeed, though the logo seems to be weird at first glance. Nevertheless, it was created a long time ago and hasn’t been modified since the 90s, so it is possible for us to witness a rebranding. Who knows what will it look like in a few years.

Sometimes foreign cultures, are so alien to us, that it is hard to read an encoded meaning, though in homeland it is clear and plain. Here is the Huawei logo:

Huawei logo design

Puzzling meaning

One can see everything in it, ranging from peacocks to sun rays. Most likely, they wanted to schematically depict a flower, a sunflower or lotus, or maybe a chrysanthemum. Or perhaps it’s a tangerine flower, which has a special meaning? It is also possible, that it is a well-hidden hieroglyph, related to the founder’s surname. Logo leaves fall as time passes, as the number of company founders does. Or maybe the eight leaves are different parts of the world and unity of those? It is not unlikely, that the symbol compares leaves to cables, uniting many people as Huawei users. The logo has so many meanings!

Looks like it’s the reason for many manufacturing companies prefer not to deal with such a complicated task as the computer logo. Many market giant’s logo consists only of the name written in a legible manner. Perhaps, there is a certain sense of risk avoidance and fear to become incomprehensible, but each company creates its own marketing design.

Of course, those aren’t all the iconic labels, however, our tiny collection of computer brands logos will help you to get the basics. One is to understand that an excellent computer logo is not as simple as it looks!

Examples of logos with a computer from Turbologo

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