Barbie Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

What is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about fashion dolls? Barbie, of course. The dream toy of our mothers and of nowadays children as well. Somehow, its popularity took over the world, and there even was a time when the product was sold almost minutely.

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The company development and the story behind its symbol are in no way less interesting than the doll itself. In such a way, Barbie logo design has a past that may become an overwhelming object of research. And it is exactly what we are going to do in this article, plus, gain some inspiration for creating a recognizable sign for your own company. Below you will discover information about the meaning, history, evolution, font, and color of the famous brand logo.

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Barbie logo meaning

barbie brand

The first step when learning a subject is always to define its meaning. So it is with Barbie logo history as well. Little figure’s but global icon’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Once a co-chairman of Mattel, Inc, Ruth Handler, observed her infant Barbara playing a game. It was a very simple, fun performance of paper silhouettes. This was the inspiration behind the toy modeling, which was named after the girl. Afterward, the Barbie letters were written by hand and became an absolute breakthrough.

Barbie logo history

The history of the logo Barbie word represents started in March 1959. The emblem was created the same year as the doll’s first launch. Place of ’birth’ – Mattel Creation, California, United States of America. The popularity of a toy was swiftly growing, and the logo has been greatly conducive to it. Even now, regardless of the competition on the market, it remains a favorite print to many.

Barbie logo evolution

barbie logo evolution


The original pink Barbie logo was a simple calligraphically written name. Laconic yet at the same time a bit offhand. The letters are placed on two levels: ‘B’ and ‘b’ on the lower and the rest slightly higher.

Barbie Logo 1959


In 1975 was redesigned not only the font and color of a markword, but also its direction. Now, the emblem is bent to the right upper corner. The pink and white bolder than before the typeface takes place.

Barbie Logo 1975


Diagonal remains here as well as in all further variants. In 1991 the logo appeared in delicate pink. The font is changed to a more contemporary sans-serif one.

Barbie Logo 1991


In the 1999 update, the calligraphic letters were re-established.

Barbie Logo 1999


This is the shortest term of the doll’s logo variation lasting. Its identity consists in becoming more playful and ‘i’ letter specific. The dot was replaced by a flower.

Barbie Logo 2004


In 2005 the flower was all gone. The letters haven’t been changed.

Barbie Logo 2005


The up-to-date symbol is a Barbie head logo, which consists of the doll’s schematic representation with the original 1959 script underneath. After all modifications, the company came back to the old Barbie logo.

Barbie Logo 2009

Barbie logo font

Barbie’s letter typeface is upon identifiable. Although, as was already figured out, the logo underwent a few changes, the style of it was never affected. The letters here assemble an elegant, laconic, cheerful script font, usually italic (except the 1975-91 edition).

Barbie logo colors

Nevertheless, the emblem was mostly presented in pink pallets throughout the generations, it is not the only way the world has known it. We get a chance to see the Barbie logo’s white-colored variation in its very second formation (1975-1991). It is white, but, still, letters cast a pink shadow. No wonder the company has such an appreciation of this tone: it is considered to be optimistic and feminine.

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