Spiderman Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

Spiderman logo

An interesting fact – Spiderman has entered a superhero arena long after most iconic characters such as Batman or Hulk. Nevertheless, amazing Spiderman takes one of the honourable places in superhero popularity league. Just what makes him so famous? Well, his web has nothing to do with it. Those are actually his wits. His age and way of life make him quite close to most part of the audience. Kids and teenagers almost worship him.

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It is Spiderman who has often affected the comics world. For example, the first action blockbuster starring him was presented in 2002. Sam Raimi was producer, and the role of Spiderman starred Toby MacGyver. The movie totally changed people’s view of comics industry, making it a widespread.


The ones who paid no attention to superheroes before have discovered a whole new universe to enjoy. Spiderman has changed the world in that respect. And it can be considered a turning point, where blockbuster makers began to exploit the theme of superheroes and superpowers. And let’s not forget about a huge amount of merchandise under marvel logo. Goods with amazing Spiderman logo turn into millions dollars income every year. And it is this logo we’ll tell you about in this article.

How to draw Spiderman logo

Every fan-kid wants to know it. There is nothing difficult about it, you just look at one of the depictions and draw it schematically. Or you can draw it using vector and then download it. So, how was the first Spiderman logo drawn? The original Spiderman logo depicted a spider-like being, which was put right on crimson fabric superhero costume. Its body was deliberately small, as a length of its legs was stressed. And the creature was put over a stylized web background.

Another classic Spiderman logo is an emblem placed on hero’s back. A bright red, long and thin legged spider is quite noticeable on a blue background.

Spiderman Logo Meaning

The Spiderman emblem aims to reflect uniqueness of skills and abilities of the spider. The spider symbolizes manifestation, power, patience, wisdom, interconnection and balance.

Spiderman Logo History

The first depict of Spider-Man was drawn Jack Kirby, but the version was lost. Therefore, he first famous version was drawn by Steve Ditko and it appeared in “Amazing Fantasy” #15 in 1962.

New Spiderman logo

One of Spiderman logo modifications was a depiction on a black costume. The costume symbolizes all dark sides of the hero’s personality. In comic books Peter had to fight his bad-tempered alter-ego. Yet the logo looks impressive regardless of its meaning. It is an excellent monochromic logo with clear and long lined spider legs, which make customers buy the marked goods again and again.

New spiderman logo

In 2013 another variation of Spiderman logo has appeared. The spider now has raptorial mandibles, and 4 rear legs length resembles streaks of paint. The logo looks not only attractive, but also stylish.

New spiderman logo 2018

Another interesting option is recent mix of Spiderman and Ironman logos. Main colors here are red and gold, and a spider on the hero’s chest is black.

Spiderman logo evolution

Spiderman logo evolution

Not only depiction of spider is a logo. “Spiderman” inscription is also part of the brand. It is designed in large, elongated, white letters, with no notches, shaped with red and black contrasting shades. Spiderman head shaped black, with big white eyes depiction is also a brand.

Traditional Spiderman colors are actually just another combination of superheroic stocks, in this case those are red, blue and white. Quite a patriotic image it is. In most cases a black web is drawn on a red background. There are, however, a few cases when the company has altered the character design, keeping in mind the original design though.

It is of interest, that the original design turned to be willingly accepted by audience, and Spiderman isn’t the only one wearing spider costume. Consequently, there can be some palatable ideas derived from the initial one.

What kind of spider does Spiderman have as a logo?

Throughout the years of the Spider-Man comic book and movie series, the main symbol of this franchise is the spider logo on a bright red background. This is the same spider that once bit Peter Parker and gave him supernatural abilities, according to official sources it is Common House Spider (Achaearanea tepidariorum). This is the simplest species of spider that can be found in people’s homes, however, the one that bit Peter was infected with radiation.

Where is the Spiderman logo on his suit?

Over the years, the image and costume of Peter Parker has changed in the hands of different artists. It was red, blue, black and white, but always its unchanged part, there was a spider on the back and chest of the hero.

Why is the new Spiderman logo white?

The White Spider logo is the symbol of Venom. Venom is a parasite alien creature that exists at the expense of other creatures. He gets hooked on a person, giving him great physical abilities in exchange for adrenaline. An unprepared organism Venom can kill. In the movie franchise, Venom appears in the second film.

What font is the Spiderman logo?

During its existence, the franchise has changed the main font several times. For the posters of the first film in 2002 was used Homoarakhn.

Why is the Spiderman logo glowing?

With the release of the new Spider-Man movie, Marvel have decided to update the look of all their main characters. A white shiny spider on a red background, similar to the logos of other super heroes, unites them together in this universe.

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