How to make a logo with a flower

Logo with flowers

Floristic logos are used in various spheres of business, becoming a reliable way of brand identification and performing a number of important functions. It is believed that the flower is able to bring sophistication, tenderness, romance to the composition. Much depends on the chosen color scheme, design, font and other features of the logo. Therefore, floral motifs perform a variety of functions and are used in different spheres. The possibilities in this regard are limited only by imagination.

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What is a logo

A logo is a sign that identifies a company and is an important part of the brand. It embodies a company’s identity, tells the story of the company and conveys its message. When properly designed, it not only identifies the brand and evokes the necessary associations with it, but also performs other functions:

  • accentuates customers’ attention to the features of the organization;
  • causes certain emotions, which allows the logo to stick more firmly in memory;
  • conveys information about services or goods;
  • distinguishes the brand from its competitors;
  • promotion;
  • etc.

Businesses that don’t have their own logo are less trustworthy to potential consumers. And the presence of a trademark, on the contrary, increases the degree of positive attitude towards the company.

Brand mark provides substantial assistance in promoting the organization by placing it on websites, showcases, business cards and other media. It is able to become an important element in the formation of brand premiumness.

In addition, the logo is the legal property of the company along with the products offered by the manufacturer. It “protects” brand rights, and if someone wants to use his company’s logo without the owner’s permission, he can sue and recover compensation from the infringer.

Types of logos

Logos fall into three categories:

  1. Graphic. Presented as a drawing, image, geometric figure, abstraction and similar solutions. Does not contain text.
  2. Text. Consists only of the inscription.
  3. Combined. The most popular type of logo. It combines a sign and text, informing the consumer about the work of a particular organization.

How to make a logo with a flower

Logo with a flower

It is necessary to understand the motives for choosing a flower as the basis of the logo. The main reasons:

Floral symbols reflect a firm’s line of business. For example, it can be landscaping services, plant nurseries, stores for the sale and delivery of bouquets.

A corporate sign with floral motifs is designed for organizations that specialize in other areas. The reason for its choice: the desire to declare environmental safety, to reflect the feminine orientation of the brand, etc.

The flower in the composition represents beauty, tenderness, romance, aesthetics, sophistication. Since ancient times, creators depicted the gifts of flora in their works. Modern designers also often use floral images in commercial logos, indicating their relevance. In this case, both the lines, shapes, number of petals, and color, font, the presence of auxiliary elements on the logo are important.

Logo with flower: lotus

Creating a floral logo is the same as a distinctive sign of any other kind. Study the behavioral factors of the target audience of the brand for which the logo is being made. After that, complete the following steps:

  • Create an outline of the future logo,
  • Choose several options,
  • Opt for the best design,
  • Think in detail about the type of icons, colors, fonts. Make sure that all elements of the sign fit together,
  • Choose a program in which to write the logo,
  • Transfer the sketch into a graphic editor and finalize it.

Choosing a flower in the logo, it should be understood that it may be associated with a female audience. However, when choosing the style of design, color and font range of potential customers may be wider.

Floral logos can be concise and delicate, austere and understated. Make sure that the sign does not turn out to be loaded and inappropriate for the theme of the brand. A win-win option is to use a minimal floral accent, for example, to perform a circle or emphasize the name of the brand.

The choice of the flower to be used in the company logo is a responsible one. Do not be limited to the rose, although it is quite popular. Take into account the symbolic value, using a particular version of the picture. For example, the rose is associated with higher class, luxury, luxury products. Some manufacturers of premium cosmetics and perfumes place roses on their logos.

Логотип с цветком: роза

There are many other not less worthy variants of colors for the logo. It is possible to meet daisies on corporate signs. They personify lightness, playfulness, youth, freshness and freedom. This plant looks good on clothing brands for girls and girls.

Lilies perfectly convey the atmosphere of relaxation, tenderness, and sophistication. They would be perfect for a restaurant logo as well as for a natural cosmetics brand.

Логотип с цветком: лилия

Peonies symbolize prosperity, luxury. They are suitable for brands that specialize in the production of luxury products. The main thing is to make the right choice so that there is no contradiction between the symbolism, the message and the kind of activity of the company.

Independently create a successful brand name is not easy, so the development of the logo can attract specialists – designers, psychologists, sociologists, marketers. Of course, such work cannot be cheap.

There are also special services that help to design a logo. They greatly simplify the process, helping to save a lot of time and money for the creation of an original logo.

Icon selection

Logo with flower: turquoise

An icon is important for a logo because it is easier to remember and understand, regardless of language. The image on the logo conveys the necessary information about the company. It’s easier to choose an icon using specialized services.

Tips for selection:

  • The image should be clear, without words convey the desired message.
  • Take into account which audience the company works with. This will allow you to navigate with the kind of icon.
  • Don’t forget about technical advances: especially if the organization is positioning itself as providing innovative services.

Choice of color

Логотип с цветком для салона красоты

The color scheme has no less influence on the formation of associations with the activities of the company than the symbolism of the logo. When choosing colors, you should first of all rely on the feelings and feelings the sign should evoke.

Universal are pastel colors – blue, pink, lilac, turquoise, peach. They are suitable for almost all companies. Green and white are obvious options, associated with nature, eco-friendliness.

You can give preference to both natural colors and eccentric: it all depends on the direction and concept of the company. But it’s important to consider that the flower itself and the background are well matched.

Experiment with the color scheme, combining bright colors and fancy fonts. But do not overdo with the variety of colors. Let them be two or three, but they will be harmonious and complement each other perfectly.

Choice of font

Logo with flowers

Choosing a logo font, first you need to decide on the personality of the brand. You should analyze how the name of the company sounds, what associations it provokes and what feelings and ideas you want to evoke. The font should reflect the message of the brand and the specialization of the organization to which it belongs.

The serif typeface will improve visual perception and will declare reliability, comfort and stability. Sans serif (straight angles and flat lines) is a fairly common option. Handwritten fonts are associated with tenderness, individuality (used often in floral logos), trust. There are also decorative fonts that combine various contours and textures.

Universal is considered a straight elongated font. A rounded font evokes associations with coziness and care, an oblique one with a feminine touch (good for a boutique of women’s clothing or a beauty salon).

Where the flower logo is used

Floral logos are used in a variety of areas. They are most often chosen by florist stores, beauty studios and salons, hairdressing salons, perfume and cosmetics brands, wedding salons, SPA centers, pharmacies, private clinics. You can also find similar options in creating a corporate identity of early childhood development schools, private kindergartens, products for children, clothing.

Photo studios, coffee shops, textile salons and other facilities often choose in favor of such themes. Similar symbols are also common among retail chains, charities and non-profit organizations in the sense that stores and other businesses are often given floral names.

Logo ideas with a flower from Turbologo

Logo with a flower
Logo with flower: jewelry
Logo with flower: gradient
Logo with flower: linear
Лого с цветком: отель
Logo with a flower and text
Logo with flower: inflorescence
Logo with flower: abstract
Logo with flower: red
Лого с цветком: подсолнух
Logo with flower: black and white


Floral logos types, it turns out, have a wider range of uses than one might think at first glance. To design a suitable logo for a company, you should consider its line of business, concept, class of services provided or products sold, as well as what associations you want to evoke with its help.

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