How to Design a Logo for a T-Shirt: A Complete Guide

t-shirt logo design

If you were asked which garment could be found in any wardrobe, regardless of gender or style, the answer would likely be definitive: a classic white T-shirt. Despite the passage of years, it remains a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual. Furthermore, many companies use it as a canvas for logo placement and additional advertising. Given this, you might naturally wonder how to design a logo for a T-shirt. Here is a complete guide that you can follow.

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What Makes a Good T-Shirt Logo?

It’s no secret that having a successful, profitable business requires uniqueness and distinctiveness. With its own logo, your business gains recognition. A good T-shirt logo conveys the company’s message to its target audience, showcasing its main aim. Therefore, to be truly outstanding, a stunning T-shirt logo should possess a distinct creative style, memory-sticking design elements, and recognizable branding.

How do I make a T-shirt logo for free with Turbologo?

T-shirt logo

It is evident that designing a T-shirt from scratch requires some design and creative skills, understanding of apparel and some basic knowledge of graphics. However, designing a logo doesn’t require such extensive design skills. In this case, a free online logo designer like Turbologo can assist you in creating a logo that rivals those crafted by a professional team of designers. Achieving the perfect logo design is not as challenging as it may seem.

TurboLogo features an easy-to-use interface that transforms the design process from difficult and confusing to simple and understandable. A wide array of options in the embedded template library is there to broaden your creativity. Modern technologies are a perfect fit with artificial intelligence. This symbiosis will produce logo T-shirt designs suitable for direct-to-garment printing. Moreover, it will help you to save both time and budget.

Decide on the right visual style

What makes Turbologo different from all other logo graphics websites, like adobe illustrator for instance, is the number of visual style free templates available for a T-shirt design. If you’re unsure about your brand logo’s design, you can begin by exploring the following types:

  • Wordmarks and Letterforms: These are great if you want your logo to look concise and elegant. The font elements can be printed bold to catch the attention of customers or use Cyrillic to make your clothing brand kit essential. However, ensure that the T-shirt printing is readable; otherwise, it serves no purpose.
  • Pictorial Marks and Symbols: Sometimes, it is necessary to show relevance to the niche your business inhabits. For this, customize a specific icon or an image associated with your role. Adding unique details to the shirt logo will enhance your brand, but try not to overdo it.
  • Abstract Logos: Being unusual, they look great for a back design of your shirts as it can be bigger in size there. Working with abstract logos, a color choice has a great importance. Overall, the T-shirt business is heavily influenced by colors, so you should keep in mind the palette of your brand. If you use the same shades and tones, your logo will ideally stand for it.
  • Combination Marks: Sometimes, you might have a fun idea to combine elements that you can upload to the platform. A unique detail and an illustrious style may result in a stunning T-shirt logo. Do not be afraid to experiment; they may lead to something more significant than just an icon on the left side of your T-shirt.

Customize your T-shirt logo design

T-shirt logo design

Your logo’s customization options extend beyond visual style. With TurboLogo, you can further tailor your logo to suit your preferences. Different styles, shapes, images, fonts, and other design elements can be chosen to build your perfect logo.

Do not forget to take a moment to preview how your new logo looks on a shirt or a T-shirt. This will give you a better understanding of how people will wear it in real life, considering T-shirt size and fabric color. If you’re sure in your design ideas and satisfied with the result, you can press the download button to obtain your logo. The packs are not free. Turbologo offers paid options for downloading your logo. If you require a high-resolution and watermark-free logo, you might need to purchase a Business package on the website.  

Once you have purchased the ownership rights for your logo and downloaded the package with logo files, you can start using them on your T-shirts. Print your logo on iron-on transfer paper for custom products, or send the logo file to a professional printing service to explore various printing options and get the best from your logo.


Having an eye-catching logo in the world of fashion is not unusual. Brands communicate with their customers through logo images and icons, which become a specific language for all fashion lovers, used to express their preferences and affinities. It’s great to have something that helps you become part of this logo world.

Creating a T-shirt logo with Turbologo is a simple and accessible way to bring your design ideas to life and form a fashion brand. Whether you’re starting a new business or simply desire a unique logo for personal use, all the tools are provided to form a professional logo for your T-shirts. Consider these key points when working with Turbologo to ensure satisfying results.

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