Meaning of the Ferrari logo, history of creation

Ferrari logo

A world of expensive cars is a world of pleasure, beauty and achievements demonstration. It is oversaturated with attractive brand names, which could match exquisite cars. Which of this words come to mind when you think of speed, racing and routes? Most would say it is “Ferrari”. The company took its leading position in racing for centuries to come. Can you imagine Formula 1 without a Ferrari team? This is a 90 year story of success, which is to be told today.

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The Ferrari logo is one ten most recognizable emblems in the world. And a black steed on the logo is sure to be associated with a car, bearing the logo. Especially if the steed is proud, handsome and again black, resembling that of a knight’s blazon rather than company logo.

What is the ferrari logo

However, Ferrari logo history is related to much darker period of mankind history than it just seemed. The history isn’t related to steeds directly. The initial picture was placed on Francesco Baracca’s fighter hull, who was no-less ace during WW I. He was credited with 34 aerial victories. In the end of the war he was shot down near Montello, and a memorial was built on his crash site.

Enzo Ferrari greatly admired the brave pilot. But he had tough time asking Barraca’s family if he could use the picture on Francesco’s plane in the logo. There was but a simple inscription on his cars back then, and that was to be changed. The steed would fit perfectly, but something was holding Enzo back. Having known that, Francesco’s mother visited Enzo and allowed him to use the picture. She also said that it would bring him luck. And right she was!

Enzo Ferrari

That’s why Enzo used black steed creating Ferrari logo image. A steed is a symbol of power and authority, yet steed posture tells of aggression and velocity. Such properties are a must for top class racing car. Enzo also added a bright canary red color of Modena as a background and placed an Italian flag on top of the logo, as a token of remembrance of his fatherland.

How to draw a Ferrari logo

Ferrari emblem, 2002

In order to make a similar logo you’ll need a depiction of galloping horse. Finding or buying such a picture you may draw its silhouette in black. Add a background to it and use a vector program to scale it properly.

Sometimes a racing Ferrari logo is complimented with “S” and “F” letters, which stand for “Scuderia Ferrari” or “Stables of Ferrari”. Initially, the complete signature was on the logo, but the company decided to leave only a picture. We can witness the old logo in many social networks starting from 2018. Sometimes it’s better to get back to origins than getting behind latest trends!

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