Tesla Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

Tesla logo illustration

Who likes cats? Everybody likes cats! Cats are always apt, and even in the article about futuristic cars. And it still holds true for an article about an outstanding scientist of the past. How are futuristic cars and a scientist from the past related? Let’s find out!

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What is the Tesla?

Nikola Tesla

The story started to unfold in the beginning of 20th century, when the first automobiles have appeared on the streets. An excellent, Serbian engineer and electro-technician, Nicola Tesla, has made a tremendous discovery for his own time, and is analyzing a given situation. Strange enough, but the idea of an electric engine has appeared sooner than that of an internal combustion engine (ICE). ICE was invented much later, but it actually hit the market. Nicola Tesla, in turn, thought of redesigning a car to run on electricity, and he succeeds in developing a prototype. However, his idea didn’t make it.

Alas, cars with ICE are beginning to dominate the market and they still weigh heavily on nature’s shoulders. And they are dominating so confidently, that electric cars turned into a science fiction story at the beginning of 20th century. Though, a certain amount of people still was purchasing them. Women liked them because of silent engine, lack of waste and easy handling. Henry Ford himself bought an electro car for his wife. However, gasoline sales bring much profit, and electro cars are deemed worthless and used, perhaps, only on golf fields.

Tesla logo

As time passes by, the world changes, and ecology which was totally ignored in 20th century suddenly becomes a problem of 21st century. It is obvious that ICE is harmful, and mankind needs new solutions. And so, two inventors, Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning found Tesla Motors company, which is aimed at electric car building. Their business progresses poorly until they meet an icon of modern science, Elon Musk. And after this fateful encounter the whole world discovers electro cars, named after Nicola Tesla.

Tesla Logo History & Evolution

There is a funny story behind this company’s logo. It was stated that Tesla logo images were developed using original Nicola Tesla’s blueprints. Designers took a part of a random electric engine detail that resembled letter “T”, and played with it a bit. The result was a stylized “T”, fit for a car emblem as well. The logo turned out to be contemporary and stylish. Initially it was developed to fit a frame of a shield, but then the frame was removed and only the “T” logo remained. Now Tesla emblem has enough simple design – a white logo set against a black background.

Tesla logo meaning

Tesla car logo 2

As Elon Mask explained to one of his Twitter followers, tesla symbol represents the cross-section of an electric motor.

Elon Musk enjoys sharing his thoughts on the Internet. And one day he was asked if the Tesla logo was designed to resemble cat’s nose. Is it really a cat’s nose? And Elon confirmed it! Maybe it’s only a joke, and one day we’ll find out this to be but an irony, but for now it holds true. So, if you’ll ever discover any other logo resembling cat’s nose – cat’s nose it is!

Tesla car logo

And this isn’t the only case when Elon is playing with names. Before he showed the world Tesla Model B, he had been dropping hints for some time. He had posted pictures and smiles with bee, and it was considered to be a joke. However, it definitely makes us think about Tesla Model B (bee). There is a possibility, nevertheless, that all the previous electric car names Model Y, Model 3, Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model B will unite in a phrase “B S3XY”, which is quite witty, but hazardous for the company’s image. Though some humor from megacorporations is just what we need today! So, don’t be afraid to ironize a bit, your logo may benefit from it!

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