How to design a logo with AI

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When you need your own logo, the answer lies in two options. One is to ask a professional designer for help. As a result, you will get custom logo designs of high quality, unique, and, what is seen as a cornerstone, expensive. If this option does not suit you, consider the cost-effective alternative of using artificial intelligence to design logo files in just a few clicks. Let’s see how to do it.

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How can I use an AI logo generator to design a logo for my business?

To get an AI-based logo for your business, we advise you to consider the following aspects. First, summarize the ideas and values that your brand or company transmits to the public. Consider the design elements that correspond with your brand identity. Secondly, choose one of the neural networks that you are going to work with. Keep in mind such factors as clear interface and available customization options. Your final success depends on them. Finally, use all the creativity that you have and start designing your professional logo.

Benefits of using AI logo maker for logo creation

To run your business effectively and capitalize on opportunities offered by AI platforms, consider the following benefits.

  • It is cost-effective, as you do not spend much time and money. There is no need to explain to anyone what logo designs you want to have. You use your own creative ideas, choose your logo preferences, and get your AI logo ready in just a few clicks.  
  • Your new logo, created with the help of AI, will be equivalent to professional logo files. Even if you lack design skills and have never had any design experience, various design elements that you can use for your brand logos will make it unique.
  • AI powered logo variations help your business build your brand’s identity. A full brand kit provides constant advertising. A logo with your company name can be used on different marketing materials as T-shirts, office supplies, transport, and others. All these will make your business name easily recognizable.

Is there a 100% guarantee that the neural network will create a logo with high uniqueness?

There is no absolute guarantee that the neural network will create a 100% unique logo. Although it rarely generates the same images, it still can produce similar results given the same parameters. Many people prefer to use neural networks as a starting point, complementing their uniqueness in other programs. Thus, it is better to use a proven logo generator.

Where do I start when designing AI logos from scratch?

designing AI logos

Using an artificial intelligence logo creator such as Turbologo might seem like a challenging task. You may think that the design process requires much time and knowledge, but that is far from reality. You will get your new logo instantly. What is really necessary is to follow some easy steps to design perfect logo variations.

Smart and intuitive process among most AI logo makers

Turbologo’s interface is clear and straightforward. The platform suggests helping tips for your easy start. First, you indicate your company name, the sphere you belong to, and the AI-powered program will produce relevant logo icons. You are free to customize them. The platform is easy to work with as comprehensive customization options are clear to fulfil.

A wide choice of customization options, including logo fonts, colors, and other design elements, is essential for creating an exquisite logo for your brand. Generate logos with a compatible color palette. Think about the meaning of each color and choose the one that suits your business visual tones and shades.

Customize different logo styles to produce the image that will speak your brand’s values. Various logo options that you can use to get some design experience for free will help you get something really stunning. After editing is done, you can check how the new logo looks as a print on a T-shirt, banner, and marketing materials.

Extensive template logo design library

If you have no logo ideas of how your logo should look like, hundreds of logo mockups are available for you. You can analyze existing trademarks to find the ones that you can use for inspiration. To learn about your design preferences, Turbologo asks you to type some keywords that can be used to describe your business sphere. As a result, you will get a number of templates. Choose up to five variants and you will be given an endless list of icons based on these templates.

What package do I get after the purchase?

Once the design process has been finished, you will want to download the AI logo you have made. Although the previous steps may have been free, downloading your logo will incur a charge. Turbologo offers three variants of packages. They differ not only in the number of files they offer but also in the additional options you obtain.

The first one, called Lite, is the cheapest, but it gives you the single logo icon on a color background in PNG format. This variant suits you if you are going to use your logo as a social media sample only.

The most frequently bought package is Standard. It offers ten AI-powered logos in high-quality file formats that you can use for printing. The logos are offered on different layouts, such as color and transparent ones. What is more, the logos are formed in colored and black-and-white variants. Various file formats are included, for example, SVG, which means that you can scale the logos without losing their quality and PDF as well.

The package with the widest choice of options is Business. Together with all the offers of a Standard pack, it has materials for creating brand kits. Also, you get the right to change your logo project even after finishing your work. You can edit it up to a year later and, after making necessary changes, re-download it again. All is done to develop materials for your unique brand identity and to make your business stand out from all the other companies.


From now on, creating an attractive logo does not require painstaking work, including analysis and study of markets, competitors, business and its goals, tastes and desires of the target audience, as well as modern trends. By using AI logo generators like Turbologo, you can get your coveted visual symbol without any extra effort.

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