Discover the 35 Famous Beer Logos Behind Your Favorite Brews

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A logo is more than a plain sign for an alcohol business; it represents the company’s history and ideals. This is especially essential for the oldest breweries, because their emblems frequently represent cultural traditions and long-established brand identity. The diverse range of beer brands from Budweiser to Stella Artois has been a part of our culture for a century. Every company, whether it’s a craft brewery or a global beer brand, tries to create a sophisticated logo design. In the article, we will look over 35 well-known beer logos with different styles.

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Minimalistic logos

Heineken logo

Conciseness and purity are the key to their popularity. Simple shapes and a limited number of colors make these logos recognizable and stylish on a beer packaging.

  • Heineken — Green circle with a red star and white font, the name in italics expresses dynamics.
  • Carlsberg — The classic green logo with a crown on top symbolizes royal quality.
  • Budweiser — Red logo with vintage-inspired seal and wordmark emphasizes tradition. Its famous subsidiary beer line Bud Light has blue tones though.
  • Beck’s – A green shield with a key in the center symbolizes access to something secret and valuable.
  • Asahi – A simple silver logo with a red circle resembling a sun, referencing the Japanese flag.

Modern abstract style

Hoegaarden logo

These logos stand out for their quirkiness and modernism, often using abstract shapes and a rich color palette.

  • Corona Extra — Simple white font against a bright sun background, symbolizing the beach and relaxation.
  • Hoegaarden — The oldest brewery of Belgium went global and features a logo of an abstract image of an ancient gate, which refers to the history of the town of Hoegaarden.
  • Miller Lite Genuine Draft —Black and gold logo with an abstract crown, reflecting the premium nature of the product among other beers.
  • Bira 91 — A bright and playful logo featuring a monkey, highlighting the brand’s unorthodox approach in pale ale.
  • Coors Light — Modern and minimalistic logo featuring mountains symbolizing freshness and coolness.

Heraldic style

Kronenbourg 1664 Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

These logos borrow elements from coats of arms and shields, emphasizing the long history and tradition of brewing.

  • Kronenbourg 1664 — The logo contains a crown beer with a simple drawing of number 1664 indicating the year of foundation and emphasizing luxury.
  • Newcastle Brown Ale — Shield with blue elements and stars, symbolizing the city of Newcastle.
  • Smithwick’s — Shield with three stars and a cross, a visual representation of Irish heraldry.
  • Warsteiner — Gold logo with crown and laurel wreath, symbolizing quality and success.
  • Murphy’s — Burgundy shield with a gold edging, reflecting the strength and tradition of the brand.

Ecological vibes

Brewdog Beer Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format

Ecology and nature tones are often used in these logos to attract conscious consumers.

  • Sierra Nevada — Green mountain logo, emphasizing the natural origin of the product.
  • Alaskan Brewing Co. — The craft brewery logo depicts mountains and the northern lights, referring to the location of production.
  • Fat Tire — The brewery from Belgium put a bicycle on a green background on the logo, which symbolizes a love of nature and an active lifestyle.
  • Tree House Brewing Company — The image of a tree house emphasizes closeness to nature and organicity.
  • BrewDog — A striking logo featuring a fun dog, emphasizing the bold and experimental nature of the brand.

Playful design

Mikkeller logo

Bright colors and custom fonts make these logos eye-catching and memorable. Used especially in craft beer logos.

  • Magic Hat — Features a bright logo with a top hat, from which stars fly out, creating a feeling of magic.
  • Flying Dog — A multi-colored logo with the image of a flying dog, full of absurdity and humor.
  • Clown Shoes — The clown shoe logo reflects the unorthodox approach of craft breweries.
  • Dogfish Head — Shark and fish logo symbolizing uniqueness and originality.
  • Mikkeller — A bright and modern logo with an abstract face that emphasizes individuality and creativity.

Retro design

Guinness logo

Old school logo designs inspired by brewing traditions. A departure from the past, nostalgia for the “golden times” is the basis of these logos. They often use vintage fonts and intricate patterns to accentuate their heritage.

  • Guinness — Iconic black and gold logo featuring the harp picture from the Irish Legendarium, reminiscent of the brand’s rich history.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon — Blue ribbon logo, the illustration of victory in the 1893 Brewers’ Competition.
  • Bass Brew — The red triangle, the oldest created and registered trade mark in the UK.
  • Stella Artois — Logo featuring an antique horn and early baroque style font.
  • Leffe — An elegantly designed logo using a gothic font, referencing the long tradition of Belgian style beers.

Vintage modernism

Schlitz logo

This category combines classic design elements with contemporary techniques to create aesthetically pleasing and durable logos. Examples of logos in this category:

  • Anchor Steam — The beer logo features a circular emblem depicting an anchor and a steamship against a background of a golden bridge symbolizing San Francisco. The color palette is limited to gold, black and white, adding style and elegance.
  • Ballast Point — The logo includes an image of a fish skeleton with a compass surrounded by water and stars. The use of navy blue and white colors emphasizes the nautical theme and historical connection of the brand.
  • Schlitz — Logo featuring a gold belt around a globe with a classic font. This combination of antiquity and modernism makes it memorable and recognizable.
  • Old Speckled Hen — Each bottle depicts an antique car with a bright red background. Antique elements are combined with modern, clean design to create a premium feel.
  • Blue Moon — A beautiful design featuring a full moon in the night sky, surrounded by abstract blue and white waves, symbolizing freshness and purity. The use of blue and white colors emphasizes the freshness and originality of the approach.

The logo category reviews show how to seamlessly integrate aspects of past and present design trends to create distinctive and memorable images that excel in the beer market.


Famous beer logos have their own narratives and meanings that distinguish and popularize these brands all over the world. Developing a great logo necessitates a thorough grasp of the company and its audience. Online services such as Turbologo provide tools to assist you in creating a logo that properly expresses your own style and beliefs.

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