Cross and Snake Logos

Alfa Romeo emblem

Snakes sometimes cause a panic attack. Well, it’s true that some snakes are dangerous and are able to kill with only one bite. People used to worship snakes in ancient times and they even attributed some magical powers to them. And snake poison is considered to be a medicine in smaller amounts.

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Shaman raiments used to be featured with snakes as it actually is a prehistoric symbol of power and might. That’s why shamans stuck with snake symbols till the end of their era. As civilization developed, we slowly moved from shamans to doctors. Nevertheless, you can see a snake in most Hospital logos all around the world. Snake, being a symbol of good and evil at the same time is perfect for medicine, as it separates life from death too.

Examples of cross and snake company logos

Cross snake logos 3

In times immemorial, the symbol was even given a name. The caduceus is depicted as a herald wand with two serpents twined around it and wings crowning it. Initially, it was used as a symbol of mediation though. As time passed by, it slowly turned into a symbol of commerce and medicine. The Rod of Asclepius is another symbol of medicine, yet it boasts only one snake entwined around a rod. It can be seen in the World Health Organization and Star of Life logos.

Cross snake logos 2

Snake entwining cross also has a religious meaning. The cross symbolizes Jesus and the snake is a symbol of Satan. Various esoteric organizations just love cross and snake logos. The depiction also has an alchemic meaning. The point is that it is better be prepared to having an occult aura around your business in case you choose the symbol.

You just can’t ignore all the cultural background of that symbol. Alfa Romeo is one of the most popular logos with cross and snake. It is vicious indeed! The right part depicts a snake devouring a human and the left one shows a red cross of Milan. This impressive logo is deeply rooted in medieval history. Strangely enough, but snake symbolizes Christians and its victim is actually a Saracen. Nowadays, however, it conveys a sense of rivalry and dominance.

Shelby can boast another recognizable snake logo. A bared teeth, the predatory cobra is shaped into a circle. However, not just every company can line with the logo gist. Another example of a snake in a logo is the Razor logo. It boasts an acid green, three-headed snake. And all gamers in the world know and love this depiction.

How to make a snake logo?

Cross snake logos

If you have decided to design something of extreme violence and aggression, a snake is your best choice ever. The thing is that it’s not just attacks and bites. It’s poisonous in the first place. Keep in mind, however, that an effective logo is always minimalistic and simple. Single out something peculiar about your aggression and stress it in your logo. And then use a modern online logo maker to make your dream come true. A unity of well-designed font and advanced graphic techniques which you can get by resorting to various templates will enable you to create a truly magnificent snake logo.

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