How to Use an Anime Logo Style to design your brand

Do you want to use an anime logo on your brand? Are you curious about the benefits of using an anime-themed logo? You’re in the right place if you are.

A logo that is anime-themed has many benefits, but the most important one is its appeal to a wide audience.

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We will show you how to make a logo that is “anime”, which audiences are most likely to be drawn to anime logos, as well as what it takes for a logo to look good and turn heads.

What is anime?

You might have noticed that “anime” sounds a lot like “animation”. This is because “anime” is a Japanese term that refers to animation.

anime art

In Japan, anime refers to all types of animated media. Outside Japan, it refers only to animation that originated in Japan or animated series that are based on popular Japanese anime styles.

What is anime style? It is often brightly colored, features vibrant characters and is often based on sci-fi or fantasy themes.

This style is a Japanese tradition that has existed since the 1940s, but it has only recently been adopted by the outsiders.

Why is anime so beloved?

Anime’s ability to tackle difficult subjects while retaining whimsical themes that are heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy is one of its strengths.

It’s also aimed at adults. This means that the shows aren’t afraid to use violence and that the series finales and episodes can be unpredictable to keep viewers on their toes.

Dragon Ball

The drama and scale of anime is amazing. Consider the Dragon Ball series as an example. One battle scene could be repeated over several episodes. Take a look at Mushishi and The Tatami Galaxy. It can appear that nothing is happening on the surface. If you look closer, however, you will find a subtle undercurrent of emotional meditation. You can also look at Aria the Animation’s coming-of-age drama or Kill La Kill’s commentary on cultural imperialism or any other horror or occult titles. There are many subgenres!

Benefits of using an anime logo

You can ride the anime wave, as it dominates much of popular culture. Normally, we don’t advocate for using design trends as the basis of your logo, because trends tend to pass and quickly become dated–an association you definitely do not want to have with your brand.

anime girl logo

However, anime’s popularity has increased over the past few decades. This indicates that it isn’t a “trend”, but a long-term connection.

A logo that is anime-themed will appeal to the nostalgia of the original anime watchers and subconsciously build a connection with your brand from the moment they see it.

If you are in an industry that targets adults between the ages of 30 and 50, you might consider updating your logo with anime or starting from scratch.

An anime logo has the advantage of being anthropomorphized. This is a lengthy and complex term that refers to giving inanimate objects human traits and characteristics.

This allows you to give your logo an emotional dimension by using animals or objects that have everyday associations and then humanizing them.

How to give all types of logos an anime look

Time needed: 30 minutes.

We will show you how to incorporate anime design into your logo design. Also, we’ll look at these logos to see how they represent their brand. Even if your brand doesn’t have anything to do with cartoons the anime look can be incorporated into logo designs.

  1. Logomarks and icons for anime

    A logomark for anime is usually an icon, an object or an abstract symbol that is worn by a character in the story. They are very popular among fans as they can wear the logo on a tattoo, patch or t-shirt to show their support.
    Because anime logomarks can be pure geometric shapes, they can represent characters or an ethos. (Think Christian cross or Jewish star). This allows the anime icon to be instantly remembered by customers, transforming their logical brain into an emotional one.
    ghost anime icons logo
    An anime-style icon is a great option for designers and businesses who want their customers to wear your symbol. Japanese culture considers symbols to be powerful and can easily translate into a logo icon that embodies your whole vision and ethos.

  2. Lettering and typography for anime

    You can often tell whether you will like an anime show by the way it looks before you actually see it. The title’s typography draws you in. The elements of the logo are tailored to your psychological preferences and age. These logos are meant to remind you of Japanese writing and geometric machines.
    Businesses looking to promote their brand are well-served by anime lettering. A monogram logo is a logo that is made up of initials. It’s great if the brand initials are well aligned geometrically or if there’s a pleasing repetition. If your brand name is too long, a monogram can be used.
    sushi anime logo
    What if your brand doesn’t have anything to do with anime? It’s still possible to use anime typography. There are many anime sub-genres. It’s likely that some will overlap. The mech, geometric anime style is a good fit for technology companies.

  3. Mascots and characters from anime

    There are many memorable characters in anime that are instantly recognizable. Pikachu, even if you don’t know who he is, is a charming character that will be remembered by everyone.
    panda mascote anime logo
    A mascot can make your brand instantly identifiable. Many of the most beloved anime mascots are famous for their unique hairstyles and facial features, such as big eyes or mechanical giants like Gundam’s main character.
    In general, mascot logos act as a spokesperson for your brand, which allows people to put a face to your company.
    To really bring your mascot’s personality to life, you can create a history for it.
    See more mascot logos

Enjoy the anime design wave

This post will show you how to make an anime-inspired logo for your brand.

bear anime logo

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chibi girl anime logo

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