The 5 easiest website logo generator for beginners in 2024

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It’s clear that if you’re aiming for a memorable logo of such quality that it leaves no one indifferent, consulting a professional graphic designer is the way to go. Such a specialist can craft a unique logo perfectly tailored to your business name, which is undoubtedly the best approach. However, if you’re short on time and budget, there’s no need to feel disheartened.

Thanks to modern AI-powered logo generator website builders, you can design an ideal logo in just a few clicks. All it takes is patience, creativity, and knowing which AI-powered logo maker to choose.

We are eager to help you with the second ingredient in this formula of success. Here is the list of the 5 easiest website ai logo generators. Look it through. Maybe after that you will be able to find a logo generator website you need.   

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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Turbologo basic logo maker


We’ve added another AI-powered logo generator website to our top list. It offers its clients the chance to create outstanding logos for free.

Logo maker opportunities

Turbologo’s logo generator boasts an understandable and intuitive interface, allowing you to create your AI logo in just a few minutes. The site’s tips are designed to help you achieve a professional logo for brand recognition.

Customers have full free access to all logo concepts, working on the platform online with all tools provided at no cost. Payment is only required if you wish to download your creative output. Here, you can choose from three options: Lite, Standard, and Business. The Lite option allows you to upload logo files against a basic background.

The Standard package is the most popular choice among users. It includes high-resolution images, a logo with a transparent background, and SVG files. Additionally, it offers extra features like the ability to create new versions of your logo, make unlimited modifications, receive free support, and full copyright ownership.

For small business owners or managers looking to establish a consistent brand identity, the Business option is recommended. In addition to the Standard package features, this offer includes brand kit essentials such as business cards, envelopes, watermarks, favicons, and more. This makes Turbologo a highly convenient online logo generator, reducing the need for other image editing applications.

  • Subscriptions for the aforementioned packages are available for either a three-month or one-year period, allowing you to choose the best fit without wasting money.
  • Unlike other logo generators, Turbologo’s support team is available only through email and a live chatbot, with no option for telephone support.

Wix logo maker

Wix logo maker

It’s part of the Wix suite — a comprehensive platform that combines a website builder with an AI logo maker. You’ll be prompted to purchase both services. If you’re in need of a website and value user-friendly design tools, going for it is a wise choice due to its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality.

Key features of Wix

  • Language Support: You can create logo designs in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian, thanks to the support for both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.
  • Customization Process: The journey to crafting a new logo begins with providing some basic information about your business, such as its name, slogan (if any), and industry. Following this, the AI proposes several logo concepts, which you can then tailor to your preferences. There are six design elements at your disposal: font styles, emblems, file uploads, shapes, color schemes, and backgrounds. You’re free to adjust, rotate, clone, scale, and fully transform these elements, even adding effects like shadows and transparent backgrounds. The vast array of customization options, coupled with random algorithm inputs, ensures the creation of a genuinely unique logo.
  • Technical Support: While the Wix AI logo generator’s interface is straightforward, you may still encounter difficulties. Wix provides an extensive support system, including a technical advice library, a chatbot, and the option for a callback from a specialist, all designed to assist you efficiently.
  • Commercial Use Rights: Upon finalizing your logo, acquiring the commercial use rights is necessary. Wix offers two logo packages: Basic and Advanced, each varying in content. The Basic package includes 8 PNG-format items and additional color options (such as black-and-white and transparent backgrounds). The Advanced package, on the other hand, offers 50 high-quality logos in PNG and SVG formats, along with 40 extra options for developing a brand’s identity, like optimized images for marketing materials and social network icons.

This integration of features makes Wix a powerful tool for those looking to establish a professional online presence, offering both a logo and a website that meet the specific needs of their business.

Adobe express logo maker

adobe express logo maker

Adobe Express stands as a towering figure in the realm of graphic design. As an integral component of the Adobe Creative Cloud Express package, Adobe Express has earned widespread acclaim, particularly among small businesses, thanks to its free version that encompasses all essential tools required for design tasks.

Adobe Express Distinctive Features:

  • Customization and Personal Media: Clients are empowered to upload their own images or select from the extensive collection available in the online store. This capability, coupled with the broad customization options for key features, sets the stage for the creation of truly unique logos.
  • Ownership and Sharing: Users retain complete control over their logo designs, with the freedom to preserve their creations privately or share them with others.
  • Logo Animation: A standout feature not commonly found elsewhere is the ability to animate logos. Adobe Express provides a variety of animation styles, allowing users to imbue their logos with motion that reflects their brand’s personality.
  • Support Services: Similar to the Wix logo generator, Adobe Express offers round-the-clock support, seven days a week. Assistance is accessible via a live chatbot, email, or direct telephone line, catering to users’ preferred communication methods.
  • Potential Drawbacks: Despite its many advantages, Adobe Express does face some criticisms. A notable inconvenience is the mandatory Adobe account setup required to download free logos. Additionally, the inability to upload images in SVG format could limit users’ ability to adapt their designs across different screen resolutions effectively.

This combination of features underscores Adobe Express’s status as a significant force in graphic design, offering both novices and seasoned professionals the tools to bring their creative visions to life. Yet, the platform’s few limitations serve as reminders of the ongoing balance between accessibility and advanced functionality in the digital design sphere.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands logo maker

When it comes to logo generator websites, Tailor Brands’ logo maker definitely stands out. It offers a user-friendly experience even for those who aren’t seasoned graphic designers, with AI technology aiding in the creation process. While it shares certain features with other logo generators, it distinguishes itself in notable ways.

What Tailor Brands Offers to Users:

  • Unique Approach to Idea Generation: Unlike other platforms where you might select from pre-generated logo ideas, Tailor Brands requires you to input key terms describing your business logo. This method is advantageous as it not only allows the AI to tailor designs more closely to your needs but also encourages you to think deeply about your business’s unique attributes. As a result, the logo styles presented to you are more relevant and refined.
  • Customization Starting Point: Early in the process, you’re asked to decide on the basic model of your logo—be it an icon, name, or initial-based design. This choice significantly influences the subsequent steps of the creation process.
  • Design Options and Personalization: Based on your initial choice, the platform then offers a variety of geometric shapes or fonts for your logo. Furthermore, you have the option to upload your own images and incorporate them into your design. After a few clicks and within minutes, you can have a set of custom logo designs ready for further customization to your liking.

Tailor Brands’ approach not only simplifies the logo design process but also ensures that the final product is closely aligned with your business’s identity and vision. This balance of ease of use and personalized outcome makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to create a logo without extensive design expertise.

Additional properties

The Tailor Brands logo generator notably specializes in social media, providing a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance brand presence across various platforms.

Social Media Specialties:

  • Extensive Template Library: The platform offers over a thousand pre-designed templates to inspire users, making it easier to start the design process with a solid foundation.
  • Versatile Logo Variations: Tailor Brands can produce 21 different logo variations tailored for major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, ensuring your brand maintains consistency across your digital presence.
  • Advanced Post Planning: Users can prepare social media posts in advance, a feature that streamlines content management and helps maintain a consistent posting schedule.
  • Media Analytics: The platform includes tools for analyzing post engagement and growth, providing valuable insights into how content performs and how strategies can be adjusted for better results.


  • Lack of Non-Latin Symbol Support: A significant limitation is the inability to incorporate non-Latin symbols into logos. This restriction could be a major hurdle for businesses wishing to include specific cultural or linguistic elements in their brand identity.
  • Subscription-Only Model: Tailor Brands operates on a subscription basis, without offering a one-time purchase option. This model requires users to carefully consider their needs and the platform’s value to their branding efforts before committing to a payment plan.

Despite these limitations, Tailor Brands’ focus on social media and user-friendly design tools make it an attractive option for businesses looking to craft a cohesive and recognizable brand identity online. However, potential users should weigh the platform’s features against its drawbacks, especially the lack of non-Latin character support and the commitment to a subscription model, to determine if it aligns with their branding needs and budget considerations.

Looka AI logo maker


Unique Features and Trial Period

  • Human-AI Collaboration: The foundation of this logo generator lies in the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and AI’s computational power, producing unique and captivating visuals.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Tailored for beginners, the platform offers an uncomplicated interface that simplifies the design process.
  • Ease of Use: Like many of its counterparts, it provides a smooth start with numerous templates, but it stands out with its offer of a trial period. This trial allows users full access to its functionalities for free for seven days, a perfect opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities.
  • Limited Trial Functionality: However, it’s important to note that during the trial period, certain features, such as saving progress or sharing designs with partners, are restricted.


  • Processing Speed: A notable downside is the generator’s slow processing time, which might not be suitable for those under tight time constraints.

Choosing the Right Platform

When deciding on the right platform for creating custom logo designs, it’s crucial to consider your ultimate goal and the intended purpose of your logo. With the myriad of free options and services provided by these generators, a thoughtful assessment of your needs will guide you to make an informed decision.

Considering the balance of advantages and limitations across different platforms, Turbologo is recommended for those prioritizing time and cost efficiency. Its blend of ease of use, variety of options, and cost-effectiveness makes it an appealing choice for anyone looking to create a professional logo without extensive graphic design experience or a large budget.

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