Star Wars Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

It was 25 of May when “Star Wars” saga came to being. The fact that a single film changed the whole industry and affected the world itself stands magnificent indeed. George Lucas was first to use original computer graphics, Dolby Surround Technology and digital video resolution. But what is the secret of such unbelievable success? Is there something we could learn from them? Let’s find out.

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Original Star Wars Logo history

Star Wars 70s logo

20th century science fiction has its own, unique charm. All those dreams about space far far away, unexplored planets, adventures and along with it, a certain naivety. All of the above is expressed by the first Star Wars logo. It was drawn in an inimitable manner for those who seek to abandon dull reality of everyday life. The Star Wars logo was introduced in 1977, it was the third and one of the most famous version.

Star Wars Logo evolution

Let’s analyze it step by step. Triangle is a good solution for a logo as it symbolizes stability and reliability. Regardless of company’s occupation it is one of the best shapes possible. Also, the triangle is protruded and pointed, as it makes it more attractive to eye. What’s more, you can easily place a circle or sphere in the triangle, and in our case it is represented by a crimson planet, harboring breathtaking adventures. And a Star Wars hero figure divides the logo into two equal parts, attracting thus an attention. At the top, there is a medium sized but rather bright star, that also is a romantic and inviting symbol, which has been used in the movie itself. A bright lettering is adding up to logo foundation. So, as you can see, this logo is colorful yet simple geometric composition, as simplicity always beats fancifulness.

It was one of the best logos of those years. Strangely enough however, but it catered for the most part of success Star Wars have achieved. Proper marketing has made the franchise as well-known as it is. So, if you are a romantic, dreaming of stars and journeys, this logo is sure to sting you.

Star Wars 1977 logo

Star wars logo font

Star Wars logo - the empire strikes back

Futura Display font was initially chosen for Star Wars logo, but it was then altered to Precis. After that, George Lucas considered all the given options to be inappropriate for his design. A significant part of the story is told about the Empire, an enemy of all that is good. The Empire is governed by iron fist and seeds its ideology, much like Nazi Germany. It might just be the reason for George Lucas to decide making the logo somewhat Nazi-like. And he commanded his designers just that.

Star Wars logo 3

Helevtica Black font was chosen for a new variation of the logo. Designers spent much time making it facing Lucas’ needs. “W” in “Wars” is deliberately sharp, pointy and intimidating. The letter was designed a bit later, and original Star Wars logo suffered little changes.

Star Wars logo - the empire strikes back posters

And how is the franchise doing nowadays?

Star Wars logos

One might debate Star Wars artistic value, yet its financial value is out of question. You can hardly find a kid, who wasn’t keeping asking its parents for a pencil-case, a school bag or a toy with Star Wars logo on it. Of course, there are many adults who purchase goods with that merch or go to movie. An approximate transaction is about 10 billion a year.

And all of it is just a simple and unpretentious story. By the way, accept for the logo there many other visual solutions in Star Wars. Ones might ask how to draw the Star Wars logo, as the effect of creeping subtitles struck the hearts of many.

Star Wars logo evolution

Logo meaning

Star wars logo colors are deep yellow on a black background. It is that very case when people have remembered it well and they won’t confuse it for something else, as there is a brilliant story of success behind the Star Wars logo.

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