Rainbow Logos: Good Examples and How Make Them Online

Rainbow logo

Everyone knows that Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. And rainbow is associated with childhood. A rainbow drawn in a summer sky after a heavy rain is one of the most beautiful nature phenomena. Not all the myths describe rainbow as something positive.  However, we, being part of contemporary culture, get mesmerized by its beauty. It is perfect for private kindergarten, or baby goods and services.

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Rainbow flag nowadays is a symbol of huge alignment and culture variety. It’s a synonym of tolerance. LGBT community often uses it, but they don’t own the idea. That means that you are free to use it if you truly need it. And of course you need to play it right too. Should you happen to be a lawyer or maybe you’ve got an undertaker’s office to run it would be best to choose something grimmer.

Remarkable logos with rainbow

Rainbow logos examples

There are quite a lot companies with rainbow logos. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones. The first one is Skittles for sure. The rainbow reflects the production, which is a multicolored tiny sweets with various tastes. Even their slogan is related to a rainbow. It is that very case when the form and the contents are forming a unity of well-optimized designing elements.

One of Apple former designs was actually a rainbow logo. It was aimed at hippies, who were still popular those times. And if your production is related to esoteric, mysticism or some of Eastern teachings it would be a plausible move to use a rainbow pattern.

Another example of rainbow logo is NBC. Why have they chosen that coloring in 50s? It wasn’t just a random choice. Rainbow symbolized a peacock, which is known to have a gorgeous feathering that of a color TV. And color TV was a privilege back than. So, a rainbow was actually a brilliant marketing move! People were hyper-driven by a demand for bright and colorful emotions. So, they were ready to pay a good price to get a color TV with rainbow on it.

How to make rainbow logos online?

Rainbow logos

You will have to use constructor site for that. You can spend days of practicing if you like absolutely for free. Our maker site boasts mny excellent templates to face your needs. In order to get the desired identics based on rainbow emblem, you will need to download its vector image. And our price list is meant to devoid our customers of any expenses they don’t really need. You only pay for what is useful!

Rainbow logo

Keep in mind that a colorful logo extremely vivid. Don’t risk adding more details or colors in it. If you intend to add a signature, it must be as simple and clear as possible. Any finalized identics is supposed to be concise rather than messy!

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