Netflix logo design – History and Evolution

netflix logo illustration

The most important thing in being happy is a possibility to have some rest when the time is right. Regardless of healthy lifestyle propaganda, you tend to choose a quite evening before  TV screen instead of intense workout at the gym. And watching series is the best rest for your tired brains.  That’s why online disk distribution company has become the biggest stream content provider. Netflix story is a story of succeeding where all the others have perished.

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What’s the gist?

Netflix old logo

In order to define whether a company’s logo is successful or not, it is necessary to analyze its scope of work and development vector. Netflix is one of the biggest films and serials suppliers in the world. They can even shoot their own movies, with has reached 50 million viewers in 2014 and is still increasing!

In general, brand’s overall approach to development can be called customers oriented. And content stealing pirate sites seem to pose a real threat to the company. But, provided you play it right, even this can be turned into huge advantage. Netflix watches pirate content ratings carefully, receiving thus free and unprejudiced data. And the customer oriented principle is manifested by many things. All the new series, all the design changes, including Netflix logo, all of it is given to the focus-group in the first place. There are deep researches first, and only then the product is shown to global audience. Such a responsible approach is something to be learned in the first place.

The beginning of it

Netflix old logo

Original Netflix logo was looking as all the others were, dull and unassumingly. It was a simple, dark ringlet of tape with some bluish shades. Netflix logo font wasn’t something special either, just a thin type with some notches. But the label still did its job, as it was clear what you are dealing with. The ringlet split Net and flix into two different words, catering for better memorizing of it. It was obvious that the company deals media content. The logo lasted only until 2000. It altered to that very logo that we remember today.

We really just can’t forget that part of Netflix logo history, when the logo was comprised of clear, long, narrow and white letters, framed with black, casting shadows and all of it was placed on a red shield. Quite an aggressive choice for such simple and clear colors. The signature was arranged in an arch. It was a tribute to symbolism of the previous logo, an tape, which symbolized the gist of the company.

Current rebranding

Netflix new logo

It all kept that way, when the time has come to redesign the logo again. The new Netflix logo is being used up until now. They endow it with animation or shorten to initial “N”, and all of it is done in a proper way. So, how is Netflix logo image looking like? Let’s examine it a bit closer. At first glance, the new variation isn’t different from the old Netflix logo in any way, but that’s not true. If we place the two of them near, we would immediately notice the differences.

Netflix short version logo

The traditional red color has moved from background into the letters. An elegant gradient fade to black was adopted. And the red color reminds us of armchair upholstery in cinema. A noble letters fading almost carries us into a dark hall and readies to watch some movie. And that tape ringlet from before is also kept in the logo.

All in all, Netflix logo is an example of well-developed logo. The main idea of the logo is that a viewer gets to cinema without leaving his house. The logo transfers this meaning using designing features to affect associations and avoid obvious symbolism at the same time.

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