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It’s hard to survive without a logo in the modern world. It seemed a foolish whim just yesterday, unworthy of serious people’s attention, but things have changed. Logo used to be only in type, but visual symbols are a common sight today. And we aren’t talking about serious business only. Logos is developed for schools, universities, cities, countries and everything that is able to bear a logo nowadays. If we look at cybersport teams we’ll see that they are nothing without a proper image.

Not only color combinations but also the symbols themselves are important so that your team would be hard to miss. A label isn’t just a funny picture. It is actually placed in the standings, near a team’s name. It is a label that is placed on souvenir production you’ll want to trade. The logo is also crucial as it forms your image in minds of your fans. What’s more, you don’t have to spend millions to create a brand. You can always gather your team, make up a symbol, draw it using an online logo maker and download. Today we’ll tell you which designing ideas and templates fit gamers most.

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Character logos

Characters - logo for gamers

It’s the first idea to be considered when you’ll begin to develop your logo. ESports gamers play as fantastic characters on virtual battlefields. And every gamer associates himself with some character. The most difficult task here is not to start a fight among yourselves, as everybody would love to have their favorite character as a logo.

This template category is extremely vast. In most cases, however, it’s a warrior. And it could be any warrior of any epoch, such as pirates, ninjas, Vikings or Indians. A depiction of a fighter as your logo is sure to tell your enemies that it isn’t a bucket that you are going to kick. Another character that fits in here is a skeleton. Skull always conveys a sense of danger, especially if it looks cool. Also, any warrior we have mentioned before can be drawn as a skeleton. By doing so, you are sure to hit two critical buttons at the same time.

Animal logos

Animals - logo for gamers

This must be the most popular category of brands. A typical gamers logo often is a depiction of some though animal. It is the same as with tattoos, it represents your team spirit. Who are you? Lone wolves, brought together by chance? Cunning foxes seeking profit and greening sinisterly? Or maybe relentless wild boars charging against all odds? Logos as the ones mentioned state clearly what you are. All kinds of cats, such as lions and tigers, or Pallas’ cats and ocelots, are most popular here, as it was a tradition to place one of those on a banner in medieval times. And there those who associate themselves with opossums and armadillos. It is up to you what image to create.

Natural disasters logos

Natural disasters - logo for gamers

A good idea for gamer logos would be a usage of weather, catastrophes and natural disasters. What can possibly beat an omnicidal twister? What can be more powerful than a force creating chasms and earthquakes? And there anything that could extinguish a raging fire? However, not all gamers might want to use aggressive logos like these. You can use one of those atmospheric weathers, such as rain or a moon night. You can also add some magic to your logo by using mists, ether fireworks or fireballs. For many gamers, it would become a symbol of luck or a charm of some sort.

Weapon logos

Weapon - logo for gamers

Quite often, it is not a character that is used to design gamer’s logos but its devastating weapon. This also is rather an aggressive message. And it actually fits as gamers are usually busy with some serious business on tournaments, fighting for real rewards. Consequently, a cold, steel blade or forged in fire war hammer is an excellent idea for a logo. You can also use a shield to reduce aggression. The symbol shows that being no psycho you will fight back. Then again, don’t forget to use magic in your gaming logo! Staffs, wands and other magical artifacts will add up to your logo just fine. And keep in mind that your fans must want to buy goods with your label.

Examples of gaming logos

Panda Gaming logo
Lion Gaming logo
Epic Gaming logo
Monster Eye Gaming logo
Toxic Gaming logo
Mafia Gaming logo
Killer Gaming logo
Squirrel Gaming logo
Ks Go Gaming logo
Clown Gaming logo
Tank Gaming logo
Dark Knight Gaming logo
Scorpion Gaming logo
Undead Viking Gaming logo
Gangster Gaming logo
Mutant Plant Gaming logo

As you can see, all the depictions not only have direct but also a hidden message. Don’t forget to use some arcane meanings. This way you’ll create both a beautiful picture and a lucky charm for your entire team!

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