How to design a construction company logo

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Every construction business aspiring to become a recognizable brand in the market and caring about its reputation must have its own logo. Contrary to popular belief, this is important not only for large organizations. Even small construction companies that have recently begun providing services to customers also need to have their own corporate identity and eye-catching logo as a solid foundation.

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Tips for getting a unique logo style

construction company logo

To develop a logo for a construction company, you need to have at least a minimal understanding of the market your company operates in and know what logos competitors use. Competition in the construction market is high at all times, and your logo must clearly stand out from the rest. Here’s why it should be truly unique, unlike most stock logos. The main thing is to try to get away from stereotypes and platitudes.

Design a construction company logo requires a deep understanding of the brand’s values, target audience, and the durability and reliability that customers expect from the construction industry.

Each logo, made in a professional online service and skillfully customized by the user, should contain optimal colors, moderate shapes, and appealing typography, which will make it unlike other works in the industry. If you have no idea at all about what the final product will look like, then this is no longer a problem. The collection of a site like Turbologo has a large database of thematic logo templates perfected by professionals, which can be used as inspiration.

Choosing the right logo creation software

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Everyone has different needs when it comes to designing a logo. Choosing comprehensively developed software for non-designers will significantly simplify the design process. Fortunately, by utilizing Turbologo, you can design your own construction logo from scratch seamlessly. The interface is easy to understand as the process consists of simple steps.

It is a platform dedicated solely to the creation of tailor-made logos. In just a few clicks, Turbologo delivers a quality logo to you. The main advantage of the website is that the logo design operation is completely free.

At first, simply select a category from those listed (construction industry involved). Then write a business name and a slogan, if needed. A slogan is a catchphrase that states the principle of a brand. You can divide your slogan into two lines using the same font and size. Knowing that a slogan must be small, it is recommended not to exceed 35 characters.

Selecting the main components of the construction logo

construction company logo design

After we have identified the primary data, it is time to move on to the next steps to define the main visual components.

Color scheme

Logo by Shiva Panjei
Logo by Shiva Panjei

Colors are of great importance in creating a logo for a construction company. The standard color palette often used in construction includes yellow, red, brown, and green. Yellow symbolizes brightness and awareness, red symbolizes energy and passion, brown symbolizes nature and woodworking, and green symbolizes the environment. It is essential to remember that rainbow tints are generally inappropriate for construction logo design.


Logo by Md Humayun Kabir
Logo by Md Humayun Kabir

Taking the choice of these visual symbols seriously is crucial, as they help the audience identify your company. Depending on your specific area, select relevant icons. With their presence, the company’s specialization and its values are highlighted. For example, images of building tools or a brick wall could be suitable for construction company logos. If you decide to put an icon in your logo, be sure it is simple and attractive. After this stage, a great number of logo models will unfold to you in the chosen field.

Customization possibilities

Logo by Arvie Gonzales
Logo by Arvie Gonzales

Having easy-to-use software at your disposal is beneficial, but you’ll be even more impressed by the level of customization available. For those who want to delve into details, this is the very thing. Turbologo offers plenty of options to customize logos including changing colors, fonts, figures, and more. It’s better to have access to a wide range of options than too few.

Here’s a valuable editing tip: if the image is in the foreground, the text should not draw attention to itself. In such cases, use the most straightforward font style. When focusing on the name or slogan in construction imagery, large letters, frames, decorations in the form of compasses and drawings, etc. are used.

Use alignments wisely for a harmonious design and make it easier to read

Logo by Md. Sohel Rana
Logo by Md. Sohel Rana

When working in the logo editor, you must ensure that the spacing of letters and words is correct for a more professional construction logo look. For a more harmonious result, it is necessary to have uniform visuals and margins.

You can also embed curved lines, play with contrasts, or frame information. Remember that symmetrical construction logos look professional and pleasing to the eye: make sure the space around the text is the same on all sides. When adding an icon, present them symmetrically. You can also cut the icon in half, right in the middle, to give a sense of balance. Finally, check out your layout on t-shirts and business card mockups.

Construction logos are available at an affordable cost

Logo by Amadul | Logo Designer
Logo by Amadul | Logo Designer

After completing the free design experience, it’s time to download your new logo. In addition to the basic Lite package, there are two universal paid plans: Standard and Business. You need to define what your needs are, then decide if you can be satisfied with a 100% free solution (which is possible), or if it is better to opt for a paid (and more complete) service.

You will see that the logo format and its resolution may vary. To get vector files, be sure you’ve subscribed to the paid plans mentioned above, enabling you to download the logo in SVG format.

Commercial rights granted

Logo by Lucian Radu
Logo by Lucian Radu

If you intend to publish your construction business logo or sell your logo designs, obtaining commercial rights is a must. After purchasing, Turbologo directly and exclusively transfers the rights to you.

Develop the remaining elements of the branding structure

Logo by Mikylangela | Logo Designer
Logo by Mikylangela | Logo Designer

Even a great logo itself will not give the result that the visual elements of the company’s design and branding can provide, so it is better to create the entire brand kit complex afterwards. Any marketing project will need envelopes, advertising forms, logo adaptations for social networks, etc. The Business plan allows immediate usage of a new corporate identity, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the company’s image and will allow you to find new clients and win their trust.


In conclusion, a logo is a pivotal part of any construction company’s branding strategy. Finding the right balance between originality (to differentiate yourself from competitors) and simplicity (for easy recognition by customers) is critical. Take these principles into account and consider the online designer Turbologo. Getting a unique construction company logo will no longer be a challenge.

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