5 free online Logo Maker Tools to generate New Logos or Redesign icons

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A logo is a visual symbol that helps a person associate with a particular brand. Any company, be it a spa salon or a plastic window factory may have it.

Create your own logo with Turbologo logo maker. It takes less than 5 minutes and no design skills needed.

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To create a logo, it is not necessary to contact a professional designer. You can make logo designs yourself. Fortunately, there are special online logo makers with free tools and an advanced drag-and-drop interface for this.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix logo maker

A straightforward free logo maker with clear controls that is suitable even for novice users. At the start, you need to answer a few basic questions regarding the scope of the company’s activities. Based on the answers, the logo creator will offer various logo options for subsequent processing in the editor.

The editing control interface is logical and easy to use. Click on the logo elements; after selecting, you can change the color, location, size, add your images. The free online logo generator provides above 10,000 patterns on a wide variety of topics, which allows you to quickly find a suitable logo template.

By the way, it includes a large selection of vector files like fonts, icons, and other elements. It may take time to make a unique logo, but anyone can devise a catchy visual style or at least get some logo ideas

Separately, it should be said that Wix Logo Maker offers two logo design options – a free online version for personal use of branding and paid plans for devising commercial logos.


looka logo maker

Looka free online logo maker (formerly known as Logojoy) is powered by artificial intelligence, which almost instantly draws professional logos based on user-provided information. 

The principle of operation is very simple and understandable even to a novice user – just indicate the name and field of activity, and enter additional parts (select several logo templates, colors and style, symbols and elements). As a result, Looka will offer several unique, personalized logo options.

What makes Looka logo creator special is its detailed layout. The distance between the elements of the logo is adjusted to achieve the most harmonious composition. However, there is also a downside – the inability to arbitrarily move elements relative to each other.

Among them, all that remains is to choose the best logo files and, if necessary, make changes to graphic design by free tool – in color, symbols, frame, etc. 

Advantages: creating logos of high-resolution file formats and sizes online in just a few clicks; unique designs; using a neural network without any design knowledge; the ability to visualize different objects.

Disadvantages: lack of a multi-language version and, accordingly; the logo creation only using the Latin alphabet; limited functionality of the logo maker.



Not a bad logo maker in terms of flexibility of design tools. There is no automatic poll-based generation here, but that doesn’t hurt. The service’s library includes more than ten thousand logo templates, based on which you can come up with and create your logo with a unique design. 

Pros: large catalog of business logo templates; no restrictions on using the free version; drag and drop tool involved.

Cons: some of the free online logo icons seem slightly outdated; there are no Cyrillic fonts.

The logo maker app is easy to use with intuitive controls, so the lack of a multi-language version is almost no hindrance. It is also worth noting that the logo maker tool allows you to download your original logo in PNG format for free and use it for any purpose, including online business (provided you place a link on the site).


Turbologo logo maker

A simple but functional online logo generator that is well-suited for inexperienced users. There is a sufficient range of editing tools completely free. What is available is more than enough for non-designers. The service allows you to alter text, color, and font size. In addition, there is an extensive library of free icons.

The operating principle of this logo maker online is standard – fill in the fields with the company name, slogan (optional), field of activity, select colors and icons. As you review the options presented, the AI creates a new logo.

Advantages: a simple and well-thought-out interface, a large selection of logo templates and image categories. The ability to create not only a logo but also marketing materials like business name cards and letterheads; promptly working support service.

Disadvantages: the presence of watermarks on layouts in the free version.

And finally, it is worth noting that the service is quite affordable in terms of payment. It allows you to create logos for free, make changes in logos directly an unlimited number of times, and download a sample. 



It is a free logo maker and branding platform that helps companies to implement professional-looking logos.

Users can select an area of activity for the correct processing of the logo designs, determine the color, diversify it in any way, and eventually make their custom logo to a certain style.

If necessary, free logo design can be modified manually by changing fonts, designs, colors, etc. Payment is made only if the finished logo satisfies the customer.

Free logo generator offers additionally:

  • uploading your logo sketches, based on which online logo maker will generate a beautiful logo;
  • animating the resulting image;
  • receive a complete brand kit (layouts for business cards, posters, content for social media, etc.).

Exploiting these logo design tools requires a minimum of effort and is no different from the previous service – just enter basic information about your business and select the characteristics of the future logo (color scheme, font style). After a few seconds, LogoAI will present many options to brand customize to your liking.


Of course, there are other logo maker apps, but our compilation focuses on the ease of use of free logo application of the power of artificial intelligence, which allows you to get a perfect logo. Ready-made options can sometimes be implemented immediately or shown to a logo designer for further refinement and obtaining a great logo for a reputable brand identity.

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