Online logo development: how to design your logo

The logo is needed to make your company face recognizable. It will be the most important element of the corporate identity . To create it you do not need the skills of a designer. This process will take quite a bit of time if you use the Turbologo online logo maker.

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Logo development

What does the development of logo allow to achieve

  1. Logo distinguishes the company from competitors
  2. Increases advertising efficiency.
  3. Increases recognition of the organization and sales.
  4. Maintains the company's identity.
  5. Is an element of corporate style.

Beautiful logo - what is it

Presence of a logo for each company will be an advantage. Thanks to the visual communication of the brand, consumers will be able to easily recognize the brand, which is the basis for the formation and development of the organization. Logo exists in different variations: characters, combinations of letters, numbers and text, or a combination of options. Design includes several components: icon, company name, slogan.

To create a strong brand for your company, you should follow these rules:


Clarity and simplicity

Shape of logo should be easy recognizable. No need to overload the image with unnecessary details in the form of thin lines and small fragments.



Logo represents your activity, so you need to show only what corresponds to it.



Achieved by ease and simplicity. Even with thoughtless consideration, the audience should understand which company it is about.



When developing, do not use trend images that can go out of fashion in the near future. Frequent rebranding is not the best solution.



It consists of using only three colors that harmonize well with each other. In addition, do not forget about corporate identity. It also needs to comply.



A company logo should include not only its type of activity, but also values and individuality. Therefore, before its creation, you should decide on the main idea.

Is it possible to create logo yourself?

Yes. No need to search the Internet and Photoshop skills are no longer necessary. The main feature of the program to create an individual style is that it independently copes with the generation of ready-made solutions. This means that it will no longer take a lot of time to find all the elements and start creating a company logo from scratch. Now it will take no more than a couple of minutes. Company name language does not matter. Logo Generator supports English and a lot of other languages.

4 easy steps to create a logo in Turbologo

First step: enter a company name

Enter the name of the organization and select the type of activity. If you have a slogan - you can add it too.

Second step: choose design

Turbologo will provide a choice of a large number of layouts with different designs. Choose the one that you like.

Third Step: Editing

If necessary, it can be edited. You can change the location of parts, sizes, colors, icons, font size.

Fourth step: download

The final step is to save the logo and download it in the needed format (PNG, SVG).

Corporate identity development

Created logo image should be placed on all corporate products and promotional materials. In addition, all the old icons in social networks and groups also need to be replaced. The combination of these elements makes it possible to develop a corporate identity . It will help the company to get a presentable look in the face of potential customers, as well as partners, and increase their trust.

How much does a logo design cost

Newly created companies do not always have enough money to order logo from freelancer. The cost of such work can vary from 100 to 500 dollars. Production time in this case will be about three days. If, however, contact the company to the sought-after professionals, the price for this type of service will be even higher. No one knows the company better than you - this is the main advantage when developing your own logo yourself. In addition, it will save money and invest it in the business. If you want to get a higher quality image without watermarks, create a vector logo and download it instantly for a reasanable price.


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