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Yoga is not only a stretch with elements of respiratory aerobics along with pilates and gymnastics. This is a whole philosophical doctrine, which brings the healthy spirit and pure thoughts. You seem to create a small world temporarily and stay there to deal with yourself and calm down, while your body is resting too, and the muscles remain toned. A yoga logo is a ticket for you to get more customers and create more healthy and happy people. But first, we must create this same icon. Graphics objects in the form of relaxed bodies in different yoga poses, famous pose "lotus," nature sedative details like water, sensitive flowers, blue sky with white clouds, a stream of stars, and so on. Do not arrange a riot of colors, and despite the variety of image choices, your yoga studio emblem has to be laconic and simple. It should not ruffle in the eyes and personify the appeasement and love to yourself's body and soul. Use light but not bright hues of blue, orange, pink, and green.

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