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Who would not say, but tattoo art is really an art. It's the same drawing but on the body. Beautiful and, sometimes, unreal! As a tattoo master, you have to be clear that without a good icon, your business can go slower or even stop. As you have hundreds of pictures in your portfolio, so you have hundreds of ideas to make a unique tattoo logo. The main thing you must pay attention to is the name of the saloon. Try the interesting and unusual fonts, bend the name's body into different sides, half circle or wave. It's not necessary to take popular types, even which you use in a job. Kill two birds with one stone - create a cool signature and open the new font for yourself! Take some rare images from your album for making them more popular; don't be shy to take your favorite ones. Talking about colors, don't take typical shades or just black/white. Try to risk with bright ones like red, light brown, yellow, or orange.

We think, as a painter and master, you will do the awesome icon without problems! And our generator, Turbologo, will help you with it!

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