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When everyone is running after innovations, you can try to create your logo in good old traditional style. Ancient times, Middle Ages, or progressive IX century - select the current period of history and go deeper for details. For what? To find out what font or written style was used at that time, key events, and, of course, the atmosphere. The icon will look adorable, permeated by the spirit of the past. What an exciting and sad feeling, when you see the old photos, imagine how people lived in that time, and you cannot behold it with your own eyes. There are many fonts that, nowadays, had been taken from olden examples, so it's not a problem to find the needed one for a logo and plus it will be looking more modern and stylish than its predecessor. When you are picking the right color, don't forget about the era you have chosen; we advise to take brown, blue, red, or orange shades, but will be very good to make the emblem in black/white color or sepia style like old pictures, add "shabby" filter to it.

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