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We have to thank factories and plants, precisely speaking, people working there. No matter what any factory produce, these stuff complement our lives. When you are making a Factory Logo, smart solution is - to use for an image that details or products, which ones you do on your plant. The details can be machines, people in working robes, hands with some instruments, etc. With products, it is easier; just take an image of the goods you produce and play with it a little, make it look futuristic, or even in a cartoon way, especially if you are a factory of toys. Shades can be dark or bright, or not, but we advise you to use the same color of the details you took as an image. All ingenious is simple. Standard tones, which can be used for this logo are red, grey, and blue.

Although that's how many products exist in the world, Turbologo have enough illustrations for you to do your best factory logotype!

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