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No one likes dirt, right? But sometimes, we get lazy and don't want to clean it up. That's why cleaning companies exist in this world, so thank them for it. And it's important to have the right logo, which explains that you do this "dirty" work. Most popular images are things connected with detergents, like soap, washing powder, sponge, etc. You can take some visual parts from these kinds of stuff, maybe bubbles or falling particles of powder looking like snow... Your logotype needs to "smell" fresh air and like alpine meadows. And it truly is. You must show that you do your work perfectly with no doubt.

Of course, the main color for this logo is white; also, it won't be bad to use bright blue or green shades, but be careful with beige tones! If they look perfect, for example, on a wedding logo, they will look dirty on your emblem. It all depends on the industry you represent, don't forget about that. Let's look at what Turbologo can give us on this stream and let's go for a "pure" emblem!

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