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What can be better to help the needy? In our cruel world, we often forget about each other and think only about ourselves. But are we human or not? Of course, we are human, and if you do such a wonderful work, like charity, you need a special emblem to give the understanding to people that they can take the help from you. The most popular symbols of this logo are hearts, shaking hands, or just one outstretched hand; sometimes, a mother with child.

Also, good to use anything shiny, which gives a light and hope. Of course, it is the sun, flowers, or trees. Colors have to be warm, bright, and positive, and they must show that everybody will be gracious toward you in this place. Green, blue, yellow, orange, etc., or image of the whole rainbow – those are the best patterns to use. All depends on you! Turbologo will help you to become a good volunteer with its multiform logos!

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