Psychology of Shapes in Logo Design

Psyhology of shapes in logo desing

It’s common knowledge that different colors affect people in different ways. Not only will a bull be annoyed by aggressive flashings of red. However, very few people know that object shapes possess a similar effect. And in order to create a noticeable brand, it’s highly recommended to resort to the psychology of shapes in logo design. Though it seems extremely difficult, we still are going to clarify the topic.

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Why is geometry that important in branding?

If you are an attentive person, you surely have noticed that most avatars are rounded nowadays. The trend has been spread not a long time ago. Initially, avatars on the internet were rectangular. And even Facebook has rounded them nowadays. The thing is that it’s not just a fad. In truth, it’s far from it!

Shapes possess a fundamental psychological meaning in the logo. And the circle is not just a random choice here. It is the simplest and most pleasant figure in terms of perception. When a child is born, its mind is still weak and can only perceive obscure circles. Even our parents’ faces are just smiling circles for the first months of our lives. It seems weird, but we remain influenced by the very first images in our life throughout a lifetime. That’s what makes it possible to address an inner child and increase sales.

What forms are best to be used in logo design?

There also are other meaningful shapes. And you don’t have to create a perfectly symmetrical logo. The whole depicture is just supposed to be shaped into the figure, like a pyramid inside of a triangle. Those shapes convey a sense of stability, reliability and firmness, provided they are pointed up. Should you point it down and the meaning goes down too.

Does that mean that triangles and other pointy shapes aren’t appropriate for logo designing? Of course not! There are many products which don’t require boring stability. If you are selling transportation and delivery services, it is a perfect choice for you, as those pointy shapes and clear, straight lines are stressing speed and maneuverability.

There are many even logo shapes, such as various rhombs, squares or rectangles. And we see those every day. It can be a window, TV, fridge or a door. We tend to trust square shapes, so a square logo is likely to become a trustworthy one. However, if you are afraid of getting a boring box of obscure symbols, we recommend choosing a spiral or a star. Moreover, the final choice is to be made according to the type of product being sold.

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