Best Logo Colour Combinations & Schemes


All the famous companies’ logos, such as McDonald’s, Apple or Adidas seem to be rather simple but that’s not actually true. Not just any person is able to draw Nike swoosh or the apple like that. The thing is that color compatibility is nothing but a complicated feature. Despite the fact that people tend to cheapen professional designers’ labor, we still managed to write a whole new article on the best color combinations for logos.

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Professional design approach history

If we look a few thousand years back, we’ll find out that there were significantly less color names in the past. For example, white and blue, green and blue or all the three of them were considered to be the same color in ancient Greece. The lack of blue can be perceived in the ancient religious books like New Testament or Torah. They still confuse blue and green in Japan as they tell young leaves to be bright blue.

Many people in Russia, especially those far from fashion, just asking themselves whether there is a difference between magenta, lilac and violet colors. So, what’s there difference one might ask. Indeed, a narrow-minded person is sure to say that it is but a worthless designers’ trick. And he would be no different from ancient Greek in that case. A narrow mind is going to have a tough time creating the best logo color combination. First of all, combining blue and green in the logo is rather debatable, to say the least. As you might already have understood, the colors make no contrast as they simply form a dull blur.

Color choice psychology

The notion of color is one of most basic parts of our behavior and perception. It isn’t possible to alter subconscious associations really. Chinese Communist Party didn’t quite like the idea of “stopping” red light in traffic lights as the party is “unstoppable”. And the idea of altering traffic lights’ colors proved to be a complete failure. Red is a color of blood and danger. This association is one of the most ancient parts of subconsciousness. We just can’t feel at ease watching red.

And that might be why red logos are both popular and annoying. The best logo color combinations for red are yellow, white and black. These variations are always a win because even their shades are compatible as well. Red is fairly compatible with green, but some shades of green are better to be avoided though. Do you think that all the colors mentioned are too different to be combined? Well, you just keep reading and we’ll tell you the rest!

Major principles of cool color combinations for logos


The best that there is in nature around us is contrasting. Things like bright and dark, still and relentless, gentle and savage truly catch the eye. The principle is also manifested in color combinations. Bright red matches green, while red and orange actually contradict turquoise. Such combinations are extremely popular and profitable provided you have selected the proper shades. It would be awful otherwise.

Close colors

You can use close, neighboring colors to create professional logo color combinations, for example, yellow and green or red and violet. But you still have to endow your logo with something more than just compatible colors.


You can create steady and reliable combinations of three colors which won’t fit if the two of them are used. A good example here is a combination of coral, purple and blue. However, matching three colors at the same time is not that easy as one might think it is.

Well, do you still believe that logo designing is just child’s play? As we have already said, color combining is an arduous task to accomplish. That’s why you can rely only on professionals to create the best logo color combination. And another good solution is to use free online service that contains many readily available color combinations.

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