How to Draw Logos


Most entrepreneurs begin to think about drawing logo after seeing others’ identics. There are two things which prevent them from doing so. First of all, they don’t know how to draw a logo easily. And that’s what we’re going to tell you about today. And the second thing is uncertainty and a belief that you can’t get a cool logo without advanced drawing skills.

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Why draw logo at all if you’re bad at it? Well, it is very important actually. There no one better than yourself at understanding of your own business. A hired painter or designer’s judgment proves to be superficial. All manufacturers are but employers for them, and all designers are but staff members for you. Hired painter is likely to draw his personal view of your business. And you surely know peculiarities of your business better.

That’s why drawing logo all by yourself is worth of time and effort even if you possess no draw skills at all. Using your design isn’t obligatory after all. It can be used as a basis for further professional designing. You can also resort to usage of online creators and choose some template which is already predesigned. It’s the easiest way to get a dream logo!

Step by step logo drawing


Don’t rush to a drawing board just yet! You need some thoughts and ideas first. You have to define basic colors, lettering and the depiction itself. Lettering and text are the easiest things to get It’s actually a name of your company. If you’ve problems with naming, we suggest you to read our how to make acronym logo article. You can also find tons of useful regarding logo color choice and their meanings. The depiction is supposed to be related to your business of course. And here is a bonus idea for you! Try to unify initial naming letter and a depiction, making it one unified item.


And so you have defined main elements. Is it drawing time now maybe? Not yet actually. No designer or painter draws being devoid of inspiration! And it is inspiration that enables them to convey emotions to customers. Logos devoid of emotions are often called empty, dull and soulless. You would want to create something like this and you’re ready to keep searching for inspiration.

How do you find enthusiasm?


So what is the first thing to do in order to get an inspiration? Well, first you need to create a moodboard. It’s a board, which contains everything that conjures up some memories and emotions. And be sure not to place any logos in there, or you’ll be doomed to use the same ideas. You’ll need something completely different. Those could be some meaningful photos or items related to your first business. It can be a photo of a customer, holding one of your wares or some other depictions which characterize your business. Is it a mad rush, rational approach or joyful emotions? It’s up to you to decide!


And now that you have defined style, gist and some defining traits, you may proceed to drawing. Follow your associations this time. If your company manufactures truly solid screws, which are able to pierce any material, be sure to reflect it in your drawing. If you’re running a private kindergarten why not draw a bird house or a nest with lovely nestlings? If you’re manufacturing juice don’t draw another apple or orange. It simply isn’t enough to single you out of thousands of competitors. Think more profoundly. Maybe you should play with naming and make up a unique depiction? Use ordinary elements like straws or drops to design something new.

Drawn logo processing


Having your logo drawn is not even close to the result. You should draw at least 10 variations of it now. And then it’s a matter of composition. Try to unite text and depiction in your logo. Perhaps you should also add some new details. For example, you could add a figure in the background. Maybe you should shape it all into octagon or just place all the elements in a circle.


Further processing requires a digitalized depiction. Pencil drawing is but a sketch. You can use some standard software like Paint or Word to process the sketch. However, if you need something more than basic processing, you need an advanced software. And a graphic tablet would surely come in handy of course.


You should not use raster software like Photoshop when finalizing your logo. You are going to need vector image of it in order to get a quality print. Illustrator or Coral Draw is top software in that field. It’s impossible to make such a logo in a single day possessing no designing skills of course. Be ready either to spend lots of time or just use an online constructor.


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